The Fluff Report: About


Who I am: Hi, I'm Becky! A "creative outlet" seeker, 30-something wife & mother of two boys

My day job: Optometrist (aka..eye doctor) 

Obsessor Of: Fashion, celebrity style, beauty products, writing, & magazines

Non-Obsessor Of: Heights, sharks, getting caught in the rain without an umbrella, & personal space invaders

Favs: Anything "anti-aging", dirty martinis, gel manicures, hoop earrings, flowy tops, iced soy chai lattes, my collection of purple eye shadows

Style Idols: Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Emma Stone

Why I started this blog:  As a Mom, Doctor, Wife, Daughter and Friend, I'm in the throes of a balancing act. But just because my life is hectic (and I feel I'm aging at warp speed)  it doesn't mean I've stopped caring about looking and feeling my best. The more I chatted with other girls like me, the more I realized they also wanted to stay current with style and beauty trends but felt overwhelmed. Since I love to share and help I started TFR in July 2012 as a place to inspire and encourage.  I truly believe that women can have it ALL at any age. And I'm here to help make that happen...