The Fluff Report: November 2016

November 1, 2016

Getting a Glow with HydroPeptide

Hi Guys! I can't believe it's been four months since I've written a blog post. With life being so crazy, I've really decided to only chat about things I'm super excited about. A couple of months back I was invited to try the skincare line, HydroPeptide. I had never heard of it even though it's been around since 2004. You can find it high end salons, spas and medical offices or on Nordstrom online.  *If you want to get right to my review-scroll to the bottom!

For those interested in the science, HydroPeptide uses a variety of peptides at a clinical levels with regular repetition for superior anti-aging results. What is a peptide you ask? Peptides are tiny protein fragments (or small chains of amino acids) that increase cellular communication within the skin. Various types of peptides exist with a multitude of functions. Peptides help promote natural elements of healthy skin including collagen production (which helps plump the skin), and neuropeptides helps relax repetitive facial muscle contractions (which softens wrinkles). HydroPeptide® uses 62 performance-based, medical-grade peptides within their products.

HydroPeptide has won over 30 beauty awards and has been featured on The Doctors. I like to support companies that give back. HydroPeptide will donate $3 from every Eye Authority sales to charity: water. 

Since educating myself on the effects of harmful toxins found in personal care products, I always study the ingredient lists of all my products and I'm happy to report that the HydroPeptide products are free of: 

 - Gluten 
 - Artificial Fragrance
 - Parabens
 - Phenoxyethanol
 - PEG’s
 - Phthalate
 - Sulfates

I was given the On The Go Glow Set which included the exfoliating cleanser, pre-treatment toner, purifying mask, eye authority and face lift moisturizer. I couldn't believe how long these travel sizes have lasted me. I received my samples in August and have used them everyday and have only begun to run out of the face lift moisturizer. I still have about half of the toner left. I absolutely love this line! The products smell clean with a slightly fruity smell. There was a small tingle feeling when applying but it wasn't bothersome. I actually love the toner, which I never really used before. It's so refreshing and I feel like it gets rid of any residual makeup or dirt. I've had multiple compliments on how my skin is glowing since using these products! With so many skincare options out there, I am always interested in trying new products but secretly searching for something I can dedicate my skin to. Hydropeptide has won me over. I intend on buying the full size toner, eye authority and face lift. 

If you are looking for a new skincare routine-I highly recommend trying Hydropeptide and you can get 20% off the On The Go Glow set with code BBACK20A on their website: click HYDROPEPTIDE. It's $78 with 20% off and FREE SHIPPING and samples with every order! I love some free ship! 

I'd love to hear what you think of it!