The Fluff Report: In The Makeup Chair: Chatting with Laurie from The Upstate Stylista

July 14, 2015

In The Makeup Chair: Chatting with Laurie from The Upstate Stylista

I've often wondered how fun it would be to be a MUA (that would stand for make up artist for all of you who are abbreviation challenged). It would be my second heaven to be surrounded by so many beauty products. Since I probably can't quit my day job, I thought it would be fun to catch up with  local make up artist, Laurie Berry. Laurie writes The Upstate Stylista blog when she's not busy working for Smashbox cosmetics and making women beautiful for their special event. Read on to hear more about Laurie and her career! 

1.     How and when did you become a MUA?
I became a makeup artist all on my own actually! I have always been super girly and into makeup since a young age and would constantly practice on myself, family and all my friends! I consider myself a super creative person, so playing with makeup was always a fun way to express myself… trying new colors and new looks! I got more into it professionally when I started working in the beauty industry back in 2007 and would sit in on training that the Estheticians would have with the makeup reps that would come in. I then became certified and trained with Jane IredaleCosmetics as well as Bare Minerals from the two different spas I was working at. I began doing freelance makeup on the side for proms, weddings, formal events, etc. and was offered a job by Bare Minerals as a freelance makeup artist, traveling to all the local Ulta Beauty stores to help promote their brand. I worked for them for quite a while until Smashbox Cosmetics (my favorite makeup brand!) contacted me and offered me a great position with them!

2.     What is your current job?
Currently I am a makeup artist for SmashboxCosmetics and travel to local Ulta Beauty and Sephora stores in the area to help promote the brand. I also do freelance makeup, specializing in bridal, prom and special event makeup and work alongside some of Rochester’s most amazing photographers as a makeup artist for some of their high-end fashion and beauty photo shoots, which is super exciting to do and see all the behind the scenes!

3.     List your favorite 3 products.
Omg… I have SO many favorite products, it’s hard to name just 3….I hear ya! This would be so hard for me too! 

4.     What’s one product you can’t live without?
My mojito lip balm by Malin & Goetz! I actually got it in one of my monthly Ipsy bags a few months ago and am OBSESSED with it! ($12) I'm OBSESSED with Ipsy! 

5.     What’s your favorite “look” to do?
I looooove doing a dramatic wing-tip liner and bold lip! So timeless and classic. I love channeling everyone’s inner Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn! OK-you NEED to help me figure out how to do a wing-tip liner. I'm just horrible at it! Tutorial please! 

 6.     What’s one beauty trend you wish would go away?
Bold, dramatic, overly penciled/filled in eyebrows! Ladies…. no, just no. Keep them more soft and natural looking.

7.     If you weren’t a MUA you would be______?
A psychologist with my own private practice. I have my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and have always had a huge passion for helping others. I wish I had time to do both…. Then I could not only make people feel beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well.

8.     What’s your “go to” makeup routine?
Well… this might seem like a lot, but to me this is just my normal, everyday routine!
 Step 1: Moisturize (whole face)
 Step 2: Prime (whole face)
 Step 3: Conceal (under eye or any blemishes)
 Step 4: Foundation (whole face)
 Step 5: Blush (cheekbones)
 Step 6: Eyelid Primer then Eyeshadow
 Step 7: Eyeliner
 Step 8: Curl eyelashes
 Step 9: Eyelash Primer then 2 coats of Mascara
 Step 10: Finishing/Setting Powder (whole face)
 Step 9: Lip Primer then Lipstick or Tinted Lip Balm
(I only take the time to contour/highlight/bronze if I’m going out with friends, to a wedding/formal event or somewhere fancy!)

9.     Bright or Nude lips?
100% bright lips! No doubt about it! I’m known for always rockin’ a bright bold lip, usually in the pink family! My favorite color to wear is a Barbie-pink shade from MAC called “Candy Yum Yum” ($16) and a bright, fuchsia from Smashbox called “Punch Drunk Matte” ($20). Life is too darn short to wear boring lipstick!

10.  You’re at your best when________.

I’m at home cuddling with my two pitbulls on the couch, in my sweats, hair up in a messy bun, and NO makeup.

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