The Fluff Report: Fluff Favorites for Spring!

March 30, 2015

Fluff Favorites for Spring!

Every change of Season I have a list a mile long of what I want. Since my pocketbook can't handle such list, I'll settle for collaging it into a pretty picture. I can't explain why I'm dying for a pair of magenta heels.  They can also take a neutral outfit and make it pop! 

Mark your calendars for April 19! Lily Pulitzer and Target collection will be a store near you and I'm guessing it will sell out fast. The lookbook is amazing and available here. I have my eye on the makeup train cases and the cutest pair of shorts. There are 250 pieces available with plus sizes as well. 

Mini satchels are one of the it bags of Spring! As much as I like bright, I love pastels as well right now. I guess anything to infuse color to my wardrobe since it's so drab out. (It's currently snowing as I write this) So what if you can only fit a lipstick, phone and credit card holder in it? Isn't that all you really need anyway? 

We just booked our tickets to good 'ol state of sunny California for our summer vacay. So of course I'm on the hunt for a bathing suit already. I love the neon brights from J. Crew. My goal is to be bikini ready but this neon yellow one piece from J. Crew would look killer with a tan. 

Do you have your eye on anything for Spring? 


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