The Fluff Report: My Best Friend's Closet: Ski Essentials

February 11, 2015

My Best Friend's Closet: Ski Essentials

I know we are all looking forward to Spring, but Winter is still in full effect here in Upstate NY. With temps getting into the negatives next week, I'm still buying cold weather clothing-and most of the time getting great deals! Stores are thinking ahead and pulling out the warmer weather items, so nows is the time to stock up on some essentials. Carrie and I have become big skiers in the past few years in order to somewhat keep up with our children,  but I only learned how to ski once I moved back to Rochester 12 years ago. Carrie + I went to Killington with our husbands (then boyfriends) for my first lesson. Many things happened on that trip that often come back up in conversation-namely the argument we got in with the boys when they called us cheaters at Euchre ["I DO NOT CHEAT!] and something embarrassing that happened on a ski lift that is less than appropriate to discuss on a fashion blog. 

I love Carrie's suggestions on how to keep hands and lips soft in the brutal temps. I love the Athleta base layers since mine are a hundred years old and make me look like a diaper butt. Who couldn't use a new puffer vest. This was 50% off at J.Crew making it completely affordable. I've been searching for a great pair of ski goggles but I love the red mirrored Ray Bans to wear on sunny, milder days. 

If we have a couple more months of Winter, we might as well make the best of it! I would love to hear suggestions on what you can't live without in the cold! 


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