The Fluff Report: New Face Mask by MASKT hraun

January 14, 2015

New Face Mask by MASKT hraun

The theme this week seems to be dry skin. Well-it is January and I live in up-upstate NY. As the temp continues to drop, we've started our family ski season. When I got home on Sunday, my face and lips were so chapped! I needed a good face mask to hydrate and replenish my skin. Y'all know I love a good au natural product and I found an awesome face and body mask that fits perfectly in my beauty regimen. It's called MASKT. This is a purifying face + body mask with Icelandic lava salt, activated charcoal, vitamins and minerals. This powder formula arrives in a simple, clean black envelope with instructions on how to mix for face or body and an adorable wooden spoon. Mix with water to get a muddy consistency and apply. It's best not to let it dry completely and then remove with warm water and a circular motion for a light exfoliation. My face felt so hydrated afterwards and had a great glow. PS use this as a spot treatment (overnight) for pimples too!

Some FAQs:

How often should you use MASKT?

  • 2-3 times/week for the best results

How much does MASKT cost?:

  • $29.95/bag. Pretty affordable considering how many uses you can get out of it!! 
Is MASKT tested on animals?

  • No
Is MASKT vegan?

  • Yes
Where is MASKT made?

  • in the good 'ol US of A with products imported and locally sourced

What's your fave face mask that you use? 

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