The Fluff Report: January 2015

January 29, 2015

Kickin' It Old School

Not that I can really wear sneaks right now because my Winter shoe wardrobe consists of tall boots, short boots and mid boots, but I'm feelin' positive and looking towards Spring. Once the weather breaks I'll be ready with a new pair of vintage kicks. I love the heritage collection from Brooks and the vintage black Nikes are right up my alley. I've noticed there's been a lot of collaborations going on lately, like NB + Kate Spade and Madewell + Saucony. I received the newest J.Crew catalog in the mail and there is a pair of white + gold NBs that are UN-believable! I couldn't find them on the website yet but I'll be waiting. Hopefully, there isn't another Sperry Shearwater Boot situation. (that would be that I didn't buy them when I first saw them, they sold out and now can not be found anywhere-not even eBay) 


January 26, 2015

Pantone's Color of 2015: Marsala!

Happy Monday! If you can-be sure to check out this morning's tv segment on Good Day Rochester at 8:45 am. I'll be with my friend and interior designer Rachel of Rachel Clark Designs and we'll be talking about none other than MARSALA-the Pantone color of 2015. The general consensus for this color is that it's not as exciting as past years (hello-radiant orchid!) and perhaps a little dated, but in my opinion, it's an easy color to incorporate into your wardrobe. I put together a ton of ideas that I'm sure you will love! 


January 23, 2015

Product Spotlight: Nügg Beauty Single Serve Facemasks

photo via Nü

If you happen to be at Target this weekend, which you will because who isn't at Target on the weekends-you have to pick up my latest discovery....Nügg Beauty face masks! These little gems are perfect for travel or just to hoarde for yourself. This Allure "Best of Beauty" Facemask winner has six different formulations for you to try. Nügg is formulated with Natural Oil Dispersion technology that uses physical properties-NOT chemicals to create powerful, effective skincare. These nuggets contain over 90% natural ingredients.

What is doesn't contain: NO chemical emulsifiers, NO fragrances, NO synthetic colors, 
NO petrochemicals, NO parabens

PS: NO animal testing!

The products are all single serving capsules to keep the product fresh until use and minimize oxidation which can break the product down. 

Choose from: anti-aging, deep cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, revitalizing and soothing. Grab a single for about $3.00, a 4 pack variety for ~12.00, or a 5-pack for ~$16. 

Treat your face to something amazing this weekend! 

January 21, 2015

Beauty Tools to try in 2015

I'm a  beauty gadget girl. So I loved putting together this post and trying out these tools that I think will peak your interest. It's always fun to try something new in the new year-why not treat yourself to an awesome new beauty tool

1. The Foreo Luna is actually the only thing I haven't tried on this list. I've always used the Clarisonic to clean my face. The Luna has a silicone facial brush. The great benefit to this over the Clarisonic is that it is more hygienic because it is nonporus and can resist bacteria. It's also more cost effective because you won't ever have to buy replacement brushes like you do with the Clarisonic. It uses T sonic technology to deliver 8,000 pulsations per minute to gently remove oil, dead skin cells and makeup. Does it work? I don't know but I'm more than willing to try! For $199-it's definitely an investment but if it's as good as the Clarisonic, it will be worth the money. 

2. You may have seen me on Good Morning Rochester using the Conair InfinityPro Curl Secret on newscaster Jennifer Johnson's hair. If not-follow the link on the sidebar under FLUFF ON TV. I love this curling machine. It draws the hair into the chamber and produces the.perfect.curl.every.time. I'm not kidding-this is amazing once you get the hang of it. I tangled a few tresses while hopping on the learning curve. Once you get the hang of it though, you'll quickly move up to pro status. 

3. The Personal Microdermabrasion was something I saw at ULTA months ago and thought, hmmm...does this really work? I found an AMAZING deal on this badboy. Originally $189, I purchased it for $89 on I knew I wouldn't get this deal ever again, so even though I wasn't 100% sold, I had to give it a try. I was slightly nervous that I was going to suck my face off so I actually watched the DVD before beginning. Didn't quite make it to the end, but got the jist none the less. Although pretty straightforward, I started cautiously and tested a spot on my neck and behind my ear, like suggested. I was pleasantly surprised I had no redness or irritation so took it to the face. Treatments should be spread apart by about a week so I've just completed my second. I will keep you posted if my skin looks ravishing after the recommended 4-6 treatments. 

4. Hey-you know me...always looking for something to make my mani last as long as possible. This Ciate at home gel manicure set caught my eye because you can use ANY nail polish with it. Get out the OPI Lincoln Park After Dark! I already had the LED light from my previous purchase so instead of buying the entire kit-I just bought the Geltox top coat which ran me about $30. ****Nails must be COMPLETELY dry before applying top coat for this to work****I applied to thick the first time and my nails lasted about 4 days. Not too impressive. However, that was user error-so I'm hoping to keep getting better with my application skills!

5. Ok-so this Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Exfoliating Gel isn't technically a "tool" per se but I tried it and could not believe my eyes! My colleague, Dr. Jill, told me about it. She said when you apply it, you can literally see the dead cells sloughing off before your eyes. She brought some in for me to try and even as I was watching those cells ball up I still thought it was the product. So did she when she first tried it. But it's not. It's your skin. I know-this is incredible, right? I was skeptical of the ingredients and looked all of them up on the skin deep website and it seems to be pretty safe! I only tried on my hand but let me tell ya, it was smooth as a baby's bottom (with age spots) afterwards. I don't plan on mixing this with the PMD because I think it would be way too overkill, but I may try and use it on my hands, feet, etc. throughout the harsh winter weather. $48. 

I would love to hear any suggestions on beauty tools and gadgets you recommend trying! 

January 19, 2015

Sway in Grey and the #NoMoreLies campaign


top: shop-peppermint (also in black and beige)
jeans: ON
booties: Chinese Laundry (old), similar
bag: Liebeskind 
sunnies: Maui Jim 
necklace: Gorgana

When I was little I had the skinniest legs and the biggest pot belly! As I got older my "belly" was always what I was most self conscious of. I can actually remember sitting in my room crying and crying over my stomach and how big it was! I laugh and feel sorry for that teenager because part of it was sad but honestly most of it was hormones and typical feelings for a girl that age. I can recognize that now but it took me many years to realize it. 

I tell this story because I think everyone has something about their body that they hate or are embarrassed of or wish they could change. After I posted one of today's pics on IG, I had two friends comment on how big the "gals" looked. We were laughing about it but my first  inside thought was "gross-they make me look so fat!" Why is it that my mind went somewhere negative?! I'm sure there are women out there that would love to have a little "more" in that department. We are all so critical of ourselves and I have definitely come a long ways but it's obviously something I still deal with at times.

Which brings me to a new concept that Jenny Sanzo of The Flower City Fashionista launches today. It's called the #NoMoreLies campaign. Taken from the page created for this is states the #NoMoreLies movement "challenges the narrow socially constructed ideas of beauty, demanding a more healthy, real, and diverse portrayal of women in the media, and teaching women and young girls to love their bodies, break the cycle of hate, and stop believing the lies.  Share your personal struggles with body image and your commitment to change the narrative for the next generation of women by adding your voice to the #NoMoreLies Link up." 

I hope you will take the time to share your story in order to help inspire those teenage girls crying in their bedrooms over how they look and feel about their bodies. Now a Mom, I realize that there are so many more important ideals we can be instilling in not only our girls but boys as well. Teaching them that looks are not what make a person can be one of the best gifts you give to your children. Please join in! 

January 16, 2015

Leopard, Leather and Fur


RINGS: JCREW (sold out)

Happy Friday! For some reason I've been so tired this week. Couldn't have anything to do with The Blacklist marathon I've been having at night, right?  The first season is on Netflix and once I got to episode 3-I was hooked! I need to figure out who the real Tom Keen is!

In other news, I've also been on a LOFT marathon. This leopard dress was just too fabulous to pass up at 50% off during the holidays. It took me a minute to figure out how to wear it in the -10 degree weather but I'd say the cobalt is a fun contrast detail. Take a peek in your closet and see if there is anything sleeveless that you could layer with something to make it a winter look-I bet you'll find something! 

I have plans to see Paddington and take my kids to basketball and skiing. Not really leopard jumper weather so this "get up" will just have to wait for something a little more fancy! 

Have a wonderful weekend! XO

January 14, 2015

New Face Mask by MASKT hraun

The theme this week seems to be dry skin. Well-it is January and I live in up-upstate NY. As the temp continues to drop, we've started our family ski season. When I got home on Sunday, my face and lips were so chapped! I needed a good face mask to hydrate and replenish my skin. Y'all know I love a good au natural product and I found an awesome face and body mask that fits perfectly in my beauty regimen. It's called MASKT. This is a purifying face + body mask with Icelandic lava salt, activated charcoal, vitamins and minerals. This powder formula arrives in a simple, clean black envelope with instructions on how to mix for face or body and an adorable wooden spoon. Mix with water to get a muddy consistency and apply. It's best not to let it dry completely and then remove with warm water and a circular motion for a light exfoliation. My face felt so hydrated afterwards and had a great glow. PS use this as a spot treatment (overnight) for pimples too!

Some FAQs:

How often should you use MASKT?

  • 2-3 times/week for the best results

How much does MASKT cost?:

  • $29.95/bag. Pretty affordable considering how many uses you can get out of it!! 
Is MASKT tested on animals?

  • No
Is MASKT vegan?

  • Yes
Where is MASKT made?

  • in the good 'ol US of A with products imported and locally sourced

What's your fave face mask that you use? 

January 12, 2015

The Perfect Setting Spray with Evian!

Right around this time I start to get that oh so familiar feeling that my skin looks dull, sallow and increasingly wrinkled. I tend to go on a spending spree for skincare products and miracle makers that claim to reverse the aging process. Bottom line: I'm getting older and seem to be more and more agitated about it! 

We all have heard one of the biggest ways to keep your entire being healthy is to drink a ton of water. But how about a little water mist for your face to set your skin and give you a smoother, healthier glow? I tried the Evian® Facial Spray and I have to say it definitely improved my overall feel and look to my makeup and face. I was a little apprehensive at first that I would have a water logged look, but surprisingly the mist is light and feels so nice. With each misting, evian® Brumisateur® (Brew-meez-ah-tour) Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray helps hydrate, tone, and soothe all skin types including sensitive skin leaving the skin looking healthy. French women, famous for their beauty savvy, have long depended on the special benefits of evian® Brumisateur® as part of their daily skin care regime. I can't argue with the French! 

Evian Facial Spray is easily incorporated into any skincare and makeup regime and actually helps improve the performance of any skin care or cosmetic products used with it. Morning and evening, Evian is applied in a soaking spray following a cleansing routine in order to remove traces of tap water and cleanser while also toning and hydrating. After allowing the unique mineral balance and water to be absorbed for a few moments, the excess is patted dry and then followed by a moisturizer to seal in the Evian hydration. This leaves skin looking healthy and feeling refreshed. I personally can't wait to keep using this and think this will be a staple in my travel bag as well! I love the triple traveling companions. 

In addition to skin care, Evian Facial Spray is also an asset to any makeup routine. After applying makeup, hold the canister 9-12 inches from the face, and lightly mist in a circular motion right over makeup. This helps makeup blend with the skin to give it a more natural look while bringing out more color. This can be done several times during the day to refresh makeup and hydrate the skin without messing up makeup. A favorite trick among makeup artists, this  can be used to lightly moisten makeup brushes for more precise application and blending. Which-by the way-I just bought the Smashbox Double Exposure shadow palette and you can use the colors wet or dry. This is perfect and so much more luxurious than using tap water. It can also be used to dilute makeup. 

*this post was sponsored by BrandBacker but all opinions are 100% my own!*

January 9, 2015

Put your Tutu on for a Bathroom Renovation!

on Rachel: skirt: Shabby Apple, top: Paislee boutique, earrings: Stella & Dot (old), similar, shoes: Nine West (old), similar, similar, lips: Covergirl Fairytale
Bathroom: vanity: Restoration Hardware, sconces: shades of light, shower curtain/shade: custom 

When I think about getting together with my girlfriends, I usually don't plan to meet them in a bathroom, but this one was too good to pass up! When my gal pal Rachel walked me through her bathroom reno, I was in awe. She is such an amazing interior designer that each detail was better than the next. Since I do mostly fashion and beauty, I had Rach doll up in something whimsical to go with the mood of black, white, grey and added texture. Finally, I got the chance to go behind the camera and take some snaps.

Rachel has a gift of making spaces beautiful but for an affordable price. The floors and white subway shower tile (not pictured) are from Home Depot. The sconces are from Shades of Light and the soap dispensers (that I was obsessed with) are from HomeGoods. Now who would think to hang Vogue prints in a bathroom? Not me and that's apparently why I can't change out a lightbulb without consulting with her. Everything she touches tends to have this crisp, clean look with a girly vibe. Which is how I aim to look when I get dressed. Which makes sense as to why we are friends. Great friends think alike, yes? 

Have a great weekend Everyone! Thanks for reading! 

January 7, 2015

Get Amazing Long Lush Lashes with LASHEM-Fiber Extensions in a Bottle!

Do you have beautiful, thick long lashes? If so-go away and all of us others will continue searching for a mascara that can give it to us. I'm sure you've heard of "fiber mascaras". They really can create beautiful long lashes with one application. I had the chance to try LASHEM Fiber Extensions in a Bottle. Important facts to know it's Made in the USA [YEAY!!] and NOT tested on the furry peeps. You won't find parabens or fragrance in it either. One of my favorite features is that both steps for applying are in one convenient bottle which makes it easy to take on the go. 

1. Curl your lashes (always before applying mascara no matter what you use!) 
2. Prime with Lash Extension Mascara
3. Coat with Extreme Extend Nylon Lash Fibers
4. Top with another coat of Lash Extension Mascara
5. Bat your eyes at anyone who walks

I've tried a few fiber mascaras and I have to say this is not sticky like the other formulations I've used and is easily removed with eye makeup remover. Not only does LASHEM carry fiber extensions mascara but they have other lash and brow products, like a lash enhancing serum that I can't wait to get my hands on and a liquid eyeliner that looks divine! 

*This post was sponsored by LASHEM and Brandbacker but all opinions are 100% my own*