The Fluff Report: Splurge vs Save

November 5, 2014

Splurge vs Save

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I've made it a habit of patrolling the internet for deals and steals. If I see something in a magazine that I love, but don't have the bucks to splurge, I'll almost always search for a more inexpensive version online (and find it-yeah baby!!). Lately, I've been doing a lot of virtual window shopping as I try to cut back on spending and really think about what I need [aka.nothing] and what I will get good use out of [aka. nothing because I don't need anything]. Sure I want the beautiful tartan poncho that I posted on my Instagram account HERE. Plus it's only $60.00 which is definitely a save, but honestly, when am I wearing this? I've bought 3 coats in the past 2 months. Do I really need this cape? Because I already know the answer, I continue on my journey of shopping for others and that is how this post came about. 

These are all fun finds that will get you through the next month whether you are looking for a fun pair of distressed black jeans to dress up or down, a faux fur coat that can be thrown on for a night out or over a holiday dress, a woven bag that mixes well with a basic palette, a classic tartan scarf to keep you warm and on trend or sparkly starburst earrings. Go for the splurge-I'm sure you deserve it, or stick with the save. I've found that the most expensive things I own aren't always the most comfortable, flattering or my favorite. 


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