The Fluff Report: Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! There are so many things to be thankful for today and everyday. The Thanksgiving holiday is one day that reminds us to be grateful but I really try to "give thanks" in my head on a daily basis for all that I have. 
To my family: my family, especially my children, are my everything. I never take for granted their health and although they can drive me downright crazy at times-my life would be forever changed if they weren't a part of it. I've lost a few loved ones over the past few years so I know how important it is to cherish the time you have here on Earth with the family you have.
To my friends: I have friendships that have spanned decades now. (ok-I'm so old) But there is something to be said for tried and true friendships that last the years. We could chat everyday or speak once a month and things never change or feel awkward. These peeps know me and what I'm about and I love that. I've also made some newer friendships over that past few years that I am also so grateful for. Being a pretty social person (and a Gemini), making new friends is part of my make-up. I love getting to know new people and am thankful for these new friends in my life. 
To my co-workers: Do you know how many people hate their jobs? For some it's pure torture getting up every morning and going to work. Not for me. I absolutely love being an Optometrist but more importantly it's where I work and who I work with the brings my happiness. I won't say every day is sunshine and rainbows, but for the most part I have a wonderful job and what it makes it so great are the friendships of the people around me. 
To my career: Speaking of co-workers, my actual job is also a blessing. I celebrated my ten year anniversary last April, something that I never thought would happen. I can still remember my interview with my boss saying that I didn't know if I wanted to work at a hospital and him saying..."well, try it for a few years and if you don't like it, move on." And here we are 10 years later. Again, jobs have ups and downs, but I am always careful to remember that you have to take the good and the bad. One aspect of my job that I love is my patients! I have had so many great relationships bloom from my patients. I cherish them everyday and am so thankful for their loyalty. 

I could also be thankful for my house, my car, my wardrobe, but those are all material things. Today (and everyday)we should be thankful for the people around us, the relationships we cherish and build, old and new. To health and pure happiness. Hope you have a wonderful day, today and always! 


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