The Fluff Report: Fall Bags

September 9, 2014

Fall Bags

On my search for a Fall bag, I've scoured the magazines, websites and instagrams. I took out the measuring tape to see how wide a bag measured, how long the strap handles hung, and how or if I could fit my laptop in it. I thought about materials-I love suede but with how I treat my bags and how the weather is-I didn't want to invest in something that would most likely get ruined. And of course, I also keep in mind the cost! I know myself a little too well and the "it" bag of the moment will be just that--"of the moment". I wanted quality without breaking the bank too [too] much. I settled on this  gorgeous midnight blue leather Liebeskind shoulder/crossbody bag. One very good thing that came out of my search is that I found multiple bags that I loved. And so here are my top picks across the categories. If you are looking for a specific type of bag-feel free to send me a message. I LOVE searching and finding the perfect item for you! 

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