The Fluff Report: Beauty Must Haves

September 11, 2014

Beauty Must Haves

2. Tarte
6. Tarte

I love the opportunity to invest in new beauty products and generally like to get some new products each season. Fall has been no exception! I've been wanting to experiment with colored mascara. To be honest, I first tried Ciaté lashlights in Serene. It is applied on top of your regular mascara-tips of lashes only. In my opinion, you couldn't tell I had anything different on. I exchanged it for the Sephora full blown colored mascara and have been much happier. My five year old son asked "Mama-why are your  eyes purple?" For him to notice-I KNOW it's noticeable! Great buy for $15.

Hot pink lips are usually busted out in the warmer months but since I'm in love with my Tarte Matte Lip Surgence in Fiery, I had to get in in Lively. A slight peppermint flavor and it's incredible lasting power makes this product a huge winner for me. $24.00

A sucker for a eye palette, this new BB smokey eye collection looks like heaven. I don't know if I can spend $65 on it, but it's on my wish list!

Beautycounter is known for it's safe ingredients and it's important to me that I'm not slathering chemicals all over my face. This tinted moisturizer is ahhhh-mazing! There are 7 different shades to cover any and everyone. For $38, I definitely think it's worth it! 

When my BFF had this BB 24 Karat eye shadow stick in Vegas, I immediately wanted it. Unfortunately, it was one of BB's limited editions and sold out before I could fire up my laptop. Luckily, I was browsing around and saw they brought it back. it's a beautiful shimmery gold and makes the lids pop. 

This is my newest venture into eye makeup remover. I am LAY-ZEE at night and it's torture to wash my face. However, I've noticed my face is so dull and blah the next morning. These eye wipes are gentle, smell like essential oils and take it all off reducing my workload. Which is important in my book. $12/30 pack

Treat is a 5 free nail polish company, started in Berlin. It's a mix of Berlin cool and Hollywood glam. The polish is shiny and lasts-proving you don't need formaldehyde and other chemicals to have great nails. Get all 3 for the price of 2 with code BECKYSTREAT, here

What products are you wanting for Fall??

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