The Fluff Report: Crochet Lace Dress and Most Fave Heels with SJ's Boutique

July 9, 2014

Crochet Lace Dress and Most Fave Heels with SJ's Boutique

Recently I was asked to collaborate with Pittsford boutique-SJ's. This lucky girl got to choose 4 outfits to wear around town. Pittsford is such a quaint, beautiful place with tons of spas, shops and restaurants. But back to the clothes! I absolutely loved this crochet/lace tunic dress. I paired a simple black tank underneath and kept the jewels to a minimum. It wasn't until halfway through the shots, that I realized the turquoise wrap bracelet was adorned with skulls!

I hear a lot of comments about how readers wish they could afford the clothes I wear. When I ask where they shop-I hear Target, Kohls, Macys etc. I agree that those stores have some great deals, however, I am a firm believer that you can wear boutiquey, unique pieces without breaking the bank! I really feel that much of what I wear is affordable as I always try to be $$ conscious. However, I do realize that "affordable" is a relative term. For instance, the dress and tank together were under $125. I bought my shoes online with free shipping and coupons, so they were less than $75. SJ's actually has Trendy Tuesday where you can  get 25% off one item the second Tuesday of every month! You may have to go an extra mile to find unique pieces, but it's worth it if you want to elevate your wardrobe! 

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  1. I've found when I "splurge" on quality, classic items, these are my most unique and frequently-worn pieces that last the longest. If you divide initial cost by # of wears, those quality pieces usually offer the better value.

    Would you agree?


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