The Fluff Report: Pool Ready with Pom Poms

June 27, 2014

Pool Ready with Pom Poms

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[Sunnies: bobbi brown, Necklace: ℅ SJs Village Boutique, earrings/bracelet: Chloe+Isabel, rings: Stella&Dot, Cover-up: Old Navy, sandals: Old Navy, Bag: Moosshop]

I seem to always be on the hunt for something extremely particular and at one point it was a straw beach bag. I finally found this one on Etsy and I loved the bright color! I originally ordered it in turquoise and then again in pink. It is huge inside and fits anything and everything you need for the pool or beach!

On my shopping trip to SJ's the other day, I couldn't help but pick out this coin necklace. I am obsessed with coins lately and wearing more silver jewelry once again. A long time ago, I swore I'd never wear gold then swore I'd never wear silver and now I'm just not going to swear to anything anymore! 

If you are looking for a cover up that is comfortable, affordable and all around perfect, this Old Navy find is for you! It also comes in teal. The pom poms grabbed my attention but the embroidery is a beautiful touch too. All for under $25! 

Hope you are having beautiful sunny weather, wherever you may be! 

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  1. That cover up is so fun, the pom pom details are fantastic!


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