The Fluff Report: Pom Pom Trend

June 20, 2014

Pom Pom Trend

I was a cheerleader growing up. I used pom poms and I loved it. I was small and petite and always the one to go up in the air. I am afraid of heights which was unfortunate so I never really had the most confidence or best balance. I'm not aware of falling during a major competition but I could have blocked that from my memory. It certainly wouldn't be unbelievable. 

These pom poms have a different feel to them. They aren't metallic or plastic and don't make loud noises when you shake them. They add interest to your scarf, wrist and cover up. They give a relaxed vibe rather than an in-your-face kinda feel. And I think you'll be seeing them all over this Summer. rah-rah. 

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