The Fluff Report: Party Skirt and Ruffles

June 11, 2014

Party Skirt and Ruffles

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[skirt:Express (old), cotton version, love this, shirt: eShaki, shoes: Sam Edelman, clutch: here, necklace/earrings: Chloe+Isabel]

There are some prints, patterns and textures that I can't stay away from. Ruffles happen to be one of them. They are so girly and give everything a feminine feel. I love this custom made shirt from eShaki. You can specify the length, size and style you want and it will be delivered in 2 weeks or less and they fit sizes 0-36. I love that they are dressing real women in styles that are made to fit you-no matter what your body type!

Years ago when I backpacked across Europe, I will never forget walking down the sidewalk in Nice, France and this little tween sauntered by and put his hand up my skirt! I was so appalled! The audacity of this little twerp. It was one of those moments that happened too quickly for me to react. I always wonder why certain memories hang in our brain. It was such a split second event in a huge memory making trip. This skirt and it's length (or lack thereof) made me think of it again. Will be sure to take a walk on the wild side next time I wear it...

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