The Fluff Report: Nautical Week with R&R: Ropes Course Part I

June 30, 2014

Nautical Week with R&R: Ropes Course Part I

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Hi, It's Rachel! It's summer and it's always refreshing to change up your home decor to compliment the season you are in!  I always like to keep things classic, crisp & easy!  I'm loving the "rope" theme myself, so I chose a few fabulous touches to accent my space and that's it!  How about this amazing wood tray from Target on sale for $19.99?  I love the silver accent with the rope handle, giving it that "refined" & polished touch to an otherwise rustic look.  While keeping things classic and nautical, adding some extra pillows to your space is fairly inexpensive and a must have!  Homegoods has a huge selection and this navy rope design was a keeper at only $14.99.  It's a two-sided pillow too, so I call that a "two-fer!" Two different designs for the price of one...score!   And last but not least, the rope drapery "tie back" from Ballard for only $14 is a steal of a deal!  It's not as thick as the rope you played "tug of war" with in gym class, but it definitely makes a statement and looks great for a relaxed, easy breezy look!  I especially love it paired with silk drapes for a fun rustic elegant flair!  Happy Summer and cheers!

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