The Fluff Report: The New Pant Shapes

April 24, 2014

The New Pant Shapes

Let me start off this post by saying how much I LOVE InStyle magazine. I've been a faithful reader for a plethora of years and look forward to every month. I was overly excited when I saw in the May issue, a piece on new pant shapes. They were all so beautiful. But then I looked at the price…Out of 18 pairs of pants, 2 were under $100. The rest were $300 and up. I know fashion magazines are meant to inspire and excite the fashion enthusiasts out there. Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to…I am just not in the market for an $800 pair of cotton poplin wide legs. But a light bulb went off and so I furiously researched my own collection of new pant shapes for much more affordable prices. Enjoy!  photo 7d0c8100-bc8c-4b10-a361-02e7b8254149.jpg
 photo 1380076c-870f-443e-8f18-0771575e9561.jpg
 photo 397d4006-290b-44a0-ba01-29b10eb591bd.jpg
 photo 574c4229-74d6-487b-8f53-8f6eb32a62b8.jpg
I'm such a pants freak. I have way more interesting bottoms than tops in my closet. It's so unbalanced. I guess I'm more apt to wear fun pants a zillion times without getting bored whereas a pretty and unusual top seems overplayed more quickly. Even looking at my own post, I want to buy the Anthro wide legs which look extremely similar to the ones I'm wearing, minus the color difference. Seeing how I have most of the pants listed on the InStyle guide, I've banned myself from pants. next obsession? recommendations welcomed...


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