The Fluff Report: March 2014

March 31, 2014

Spring Trend: The Bomber Jacket + Dressed Up Sweats

 photo bc9e16ca-e524-445c-85cb-5ed16fcec3c4.jpg

 photo 91fc6f38-2307-476d-af92-d10c32fb582a.jpg

 photo f4a7f4cb-dc3a-461b-8e69-ea8fc75bc5a7.jpg

 photo 1088e6c3-0d0a-482b-8c32-c010a14e7d61.jpg

 photo 9de25941-0274-413c-a6b5-18169240db5b.jpg

 photo 9d780966-c70b-4661-98c0-87d27837d824.jpg

[Bomber: Target, Tee: Banana Republic, Pants: Piperlime, Shoes: SoleSociety, Bag: ℅ ShopLately, hairband: Chloe+Isabel, Earrings: Baublebar]

The soft silky bomber jacket is a current trend for Spring. It totally takes me back to my elementary days when I had a pink satin version. Wow, how I loved that jacket. I felt so cool in it! I don't know how much I'll wear of this trend so I didn't want to spend a lot. This jacket from Target is perfect-o: under $30 with a funky floral pattern. 

So many fellow Moms have told me they have such a problem finding clothes after having a baby that are trendy and comfortable. They always ends up with the old standby: jeans and a tee. I too at one point lived in the same pair of jeans and black, grey, or white long sleeve tee.  But why not try something like this? Swap the heels with some cute flats-like these (unless you live in Rochester, then you'll still be wearing boots thanks to the storm we got last night) if you're running around town. 

However…if you want some cute heels, you have to take a peek at SoleSociety. Free shipping (my fave) and totally affordable trendy and classic styles. I love the fact that these are calf hair. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 

March 26, 2014

Kale Chips and Eye Health

 photo 1bcbdd16-ffb7-4622-89af-ffdd64bf7bcd.jpg

 photo 961da986-9b0a-48fc-9c68-38741cac76c4.jpg

 photo 719a9c38-1c0c-4f7a-8850-d6acabc8a159.jpg

 photo 4b84e826-0d85-41a1-9625-e119e90a2285.jpg

We break from this fashion and beauty blog to bring you some important info on your eye health…

One of the most common questions I'm asked from my patients is "Should I be taking vitamins for my eyes?" The answer is: not necessarily. You can actually obtain vital nutrients and vitamins to benefit your eyes from certain foods. Lutein is an important nutrient to help prevent macular degeneration and is found in green, leafy veggies. Kale is a great source of lutein. My problem is I think it taste horrible. I tried incorporating it into my juicing plan awhile back, but I just couldn't acquire a taste for it. Kale chips are my second relationship attempt with this less than exciting veggie. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised…

What you need: 
1 bag of organic kale greens
sea salt
Extra virgin olive oil (I like the spray version) 

What you do: 
preheat oven to 400 degrees
spread kale greens onto an ungreased cookie sheet
spray with olive oil
sprinkle with sea salt
bake in oven for 15-18 minutes or until crispy

Have you tried kale chips before? 

March 24, 2014

Sporty Spice

 photo cd5285b1-996d-4779-ac57-376bf29628d1.jpg

 photo 722bf95e-c51f-4ddf-b90a-6e23ba792d47.jpg

 photo 20c4902c-5ded-4f56-ba00-105c9a405a38.jpg

 photo 1016eebc-a0a4-425d-a859-f0036c44bffa.jpg

 photo 58387ae9-2246-49df-9a7a-70368289cd83.jpg

 photo 97835b58-fc0f-4a7c-9408-78ba60152541.jpg

 photo a0ba31ea-772c-4ac1-aa51-06e563ff3b37.jpg
button down//gap

Being married to a basketball coach and having two boys, it's only expected that I would be surrounded with college basketball during March Madness. [and I secretly love it] No one likes filling out a bracket more than me. I love getting the neon yellow sharpie out after the games and highlighting all the wins. And then there was the time that I picked Duke to win it all and they lost in the first round [that would be this year] and my bracket went to s*#t. So now I'm counting on a 6 year old and his whims, which are actually better than my less than educated guesses. 

And of course I have to dress the part. My husband loves this look of sporty with a cute twist. My nikes are by far one of my favorite purchases this Spring. I'm a pink girl, k? Those magenta shoelaces had me at hello. Mint and navy are a nice balance of pastel and nautical. If you're a monogram girl, check out the little initial earrings from C. Wonder. 30% off going on now so they're less than 20 dollars. 

I had to give a flash of the key fobs that will be for purchase as my upcoming MS fundraiser on April 6th. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the MS Society. Check my flyer on the right side bar for more info! 

March 21, 2014

MBFC: Color! Color! Color!

sunnies:Ray-Ban Blue//Red
heels:Jessica Simpson Pink//Aqua

Who's ready for Spring? I can't think of anyone wishing for more cold weather. If you're out there, we are no longer friends. I'm tired of being cold, being sick and being cranky. My husband is tired of my dramatic "Uhhh! I can't handle this weather anymore" daily declarations and quite frankly I'm starting to get annoyed with myself as well. I believe the only thing to perk me up is some color injected into my wardrobe. Carrie is thinking the same thing. So she came up with some colorful ideas to snap me out of my mood. I am so IN LOVE with those Jessica Simpson shoes. I want both pairs in every shade (there are a lot of them).

 Carrie has the gorgeous emerald rock of a ring from Chloe + Isabel. What a gorgeous gem! Don't forget, if you are interested in Chloe + Isabel jewelry, I'm giving away a free pair of studs (your choice) for every purchase over $100 (free shipping). Hurry-it's only until the end of this month! Be sure to use this link to get there! After your order, just let me know which free studs you want! (I personally love the mismatched nautical or the owls)

I hope you all have a sun filled weekend filled with lots of color! 


March 19, 2014

Totally Totes

 photo 849a82bf-d025-4c46-998f-4fd7d454828c.jpg
 photo bb9bf439-5a86-4f9f-9779-0d665a7447df.jpg
               TWO: Coach//Banana Republic(on sale!)//Madewell

Welp, I've learned my lesson. Every time I brag to someone that a. I haven't been sick all winter or b. my kids haven't been sick in soooo long, this happens... a. I get sick and b. my kids get sick. I just thought I was out of the danger zone. It's mid-March for goodness sake. There should be no flu when I've held it off for this long. That nasty bug just waits around for when your guard is down. So I'm sorry for being gone from the blogging world over the last week, but sometimes you have to take care of yourself before getting back to anyone or anything else. 

Let's talk totes! I've been obsessed with the buttery leather look and bright colors I've been seeing for Spring. So what if they are bottomless pits at times. It's a good excuse to get a POUCH! Matching or not, double up on the leather (or non leather) goods and mix and match colors and prints. Most totes are over $100 dollars but I found an amazing woman on Etsy (gold tote and magenta pouch above) that I'm obsessed with. Her totes are under 100 dollars, adorable and the leather looks lovely. I just can't decide what color to go for! Another beautiful Etsy creation I found was the pink straw bag. It's on it's way from Indonesia and hopefully gets here in time to travel with me to Hilton Head. By the way….has anyone been to Hilton Head? I've never been and any tips on what we MUST do would be gladly welcomed! 

I won't say how I'm feeling right now because I don't want to come down with a rare disease that knocks me off my feet for a year but let's just assume this post is my "back to blogging" post. Happy Wednesday!  

March 10, 2014

HASK Beauty

When looking for a new hair product, does smell mean a lot? Yup-for me too.  A great smelling product can tip the scales from almost making the purchase to buying it in bulk. It's no surprise that these HASK hair products had me in a shampoo/conditioner/oil coma. 
The smell was unbelievably addicting!

I had never used HASK products before, so I was so excited when I was asked to try some of their new products hitting the shelves. I tried both the Argan oil and Keratin protein collections. Argan Oil, aka liquid gold, has many meaningful functions. It helps tame frizz, promote shine and give some serious silkiness to your locks. And that it did. A little bit goes a long way with the actual oil, but I found it made my hair super shiny. 

Keratin is found in our skin, nails and hair. It keeps hair strong, elastic, and healthy. When we lose keratin in our hair due to processing or styling, our hair becomes brittle and dry. This Keratin collection from HASK can help protect and smooth hair at the same time. Having just processed my hair, I loved these products and felt like it protected my ends after styling. 

Some great little facts about HASK. They DON'T test on animals. The products are made in the USA (WooHoo!) and they are all free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, alcohol and artificial colors. Wow! 

Oh and wait….these are drug store products so they won't break the bank. Best news yet. 

*One tip of advice…don't let your 5 year old walk around with the oil vial and try so hard to get the top off that he spills it on your hardwood floors. It makes for a really slippery surface that may or may not cause multiple people several times a day to slip and fall. I thought at one point, caution tape would be necessary. 

*This post is sponsored by HASK beauty but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

March 5, 2014

Skincare Staples

 photo 7e1fe195-3bc5-4bde-8bbe-cb22fdfea370.jpg

When it comes to skincare, I'm usually up for discovering new products. On the other hand, when I find something I like (i.e. something that makes me feel like I'm preventing wrinkles), I stick with it. I finally think I've got a good equation for keeping my skin clear, clean and youthful. So fine- if you forced me to replace one product from my list, it would probably be the Neutrogena Naturals Facial Cleanser. A little disclaimer: I have normal-dry skin. This cleanser makes me feel slightly tight and a little dry. I hate spending a lot on cleanser though. Just a small hang up that I'm trying to deal with.

You might have picked up on the fact that I love my Clarisonic. I can't remember the last day that went by when I didn't use it. Yes, it really works. Yes, it really cleans. The few times when I've had to wash my face with my hands, it feels like I'm massaging in cleanser, not actually cleaning it. Invest in this!

If you said I had to give up my Origins make up remover, we'd have a situation. I have been using this for quite possibly a decade. I have a little bad habit of not washing my face at night and therefore after the shower I take a Q-tip to really remove any trace of makeup on the rims of my lids. This does not sting, is not greasy and one bottle lasts eons.

One of my first posts on this blog was highlighting my Mario Badescu glycolic eye cream. Still using it folks. It plumps and firms the skin around the eyelids. I sometimes massage it into my laugh lines.

I admit it. I've had laser treatments on my face to remove all the pigmentation I've collected over the years. My laser guru introduced me to Obagi medical products. I've been using the moisturizer ever since and love the coverage. (not too thick, not too thin)

The serum I use is from Arbonne's RE9 Advanced collection. I put it on before my moisturizer but after my eye cream. It smells fruity and brightens my skin. And it's only $40, which is pretty inexpensive as far as serums go.

Kathy, my laser Queen, scolded and educated me about sunscreen. I now know better than to go anywhere without my sunscreen having 10% zinc in it. So I use the Obagi Sun Shield. Every day. Even in 10 degree weather with a -5 windchill.

March 3, 2014

Think You Can Do…Overalls?

 photo 228deeea-fd06-4e22-9a6c-76f06545fa3c.jpg

 photo 802f8b0e-e0d4-479c-8293-c715a36a3d03.jpg

 photo 16aa9a14-001d-4b2d-996c-e0cf4efa2215.jpg

 photo ff5ea6b4-c3bf-4b68-80f8-bd02ce0c135e.jpg

 photo eebf6bde-7297-4c0b-a8a7-a9c78ddb5ded.jpg

 photo ad24a504-04fb-4e64-8f2a-5f374860c4f7.jpg

 photo e70b2254-9165-499a-a4d1-0ddf69956c9e.jpg

 photo 9be22847-1acc-4987-a499-582e272b2ee7.jpg

 photo 1ddbe775-11f4-46f6-a36d-0db0ffb059c7.jpgPHOTOS// CARRIE EISENHART

[FP overalls, BCBG pumps, Handbag ℅ Shoplately (no longer available), RalphLauren blazer (old),(similar), Necklaces: Jcrew, BR (similar), S&D (similar)]

Seriously Mom? Overalls? Where are you going in those? 

That was what my 6 year old son said to me when he saw me in these. Geez, I don't want to be embarrassing to my child, but I didn't think they were that bad. How do I explain to this kindergartner that they reeled me in like some sort of bad trance that I couldn't break. How do I explain that when I put them on, I thought they were slimming and comfortable and I simply loved them. I don't, because he wouldn't understand. I hardly understand it myself. To quote Carrie…"How are they so cute?!?" To answer that question…I think it's all in the layering. The menswear blazer takes them from farm girl to city chic. 

I've heard the debate on overalls. Heck, I agreed with the naysayers. Until these came along and it was proven again to "never say never" when it comes to fashion. Unless of course you're 6 and don't want to have your Mom embarrass you.