The Fluff Report: Love It

February 7, 2014

Love It

 photo d88690d0-529d-47f9-a680-90adaf049529.jpg

Lovebirds shirt: J.Crew
Crystal cuff: Factory
Nylon tote: BananaRepublic
iPhone battery case: Mophie
Cold hands warm heart tumbler: Kate Spade
Cupcakes in a jar: Wicked Good Cupcakes
BKR water bottle: ShopbyMonika
Viva Glam Rhianna Lip gloss: MAC
Creme de la creme print: ShopbyMonika
Gold glitter spoons: Leif

It doesn't matter if you have a specific Valentine or not. Maybe your plans are to go to a Syracuse game  (Go 'Cuse) versus a romantic dinner for two. You might expect roses or a ring or maybe nothing at all. So here's what I'm saying…Let's not leave all of this to chance. Who says you can't give yourself a gift of love? Certainly not me. So I compiled a few gifts that I would like to have whether someone buys them for me, or I just go out and do it myself. No shame in that game people! 

Let me speak for one minute about the Mophie. While at a recent conference, you could see me out in the hallway in-between lectures with my phone plugged into the wall. Then you would see me like that at the airport, desperately looking for an outlet so I could get a little more juice and finish reading US Weekly updates. Enter in the Mophie. It gives you 100% more battery and more storage. Up to 16,000 more photos. Which would give me a ton more room to make my Magisto videos. (if you haven't checked out Magisto-you must!) I'm on a major tech kick right now, so I'd have to say that although I'm a beauty and fashion junkie-this would make the top of my list. 

What makes the top of yours? 

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