The Fluff Report: IG Lately

February 15, 2014

IG Lately

I'd have to say my favorite social media outlet as of late is Instagram. It's fun, filtered pictures and quick interesting visuals on the latest in fashion, beauty and whatever else is going on with my friends and family. I wanted to share with you some pics that I'm especially loving this month…

1st row: L: Betterlifebags cute gold foil heart beauty bags R: RachelClarkDesigns V-day decor with ruffles and some lingerie
2nd row: L: ChloeandIsabel dainty vintage bracelets R: Dinner club with the girls at Fraische
3rd row: L: Loving my new basic beanie from EmersonandOliver ($10!) R: Deco Fringe Earrings from ChloeandIsabel
4th row: L: RachelClarkDesigns furry vanity chair R: SkoopeHomeDesigns fun b&w prints

Hope Everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! 

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  1. I've been loving Instagram lately as well! Those are some great images!


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