The Fluff Report: [Rachel*Rebecca] Pantone Color of 2014: Radiant Orchid

January 31, 2014

[Rachel*Rebecca] Pantone Color of 2014: Radiant Orchid

Happy Friday! Today is the first monthly installment of my collaboration with interior designer, Rachel of Rachel Clark Designs. This month we are bringing Pantone's color of the year into your home and closet! I'm so bad about changing up my decor, but read on how Rachel shows how to incorporate small doses of the color with accent pieces that are a great price! Can I stop and just say how much I LOVE the agate lamp finial?! Not only are natural stones trending in jewelry, but they are hot for the home too. Check back later in the day to read the second half of our post on incorporating this dazzling color into your wardrobe. 
 photo b0b6f0c1-2344-4fda-a215-6f436263dc81.jpg

Do you think you can fall in love or like with a color just because of it's meaning? I did, and with a definition like; creative, imaginative and magical, I was hooked! It's the harmony of fuchsia with pink and purple undertones blooming with confidence. It all sounds good to me! I always try to do my best by sharing inexpensive, but fabulous ways to add new color trends into your space. This year, let's look at an easy wall art change out (whoa, say that fast two times!) and buy a new stocked frame in our trendy new color. I found this one at for only $9.99. also has some tufted stool/ottomans in our special color for only $79.99 and can easily go under a console table for easy access to be used for extra seating or as a coffee table! Pillows and throws are easy ways to pack a good punch of color on those drab chairs or sofas! Do you work in a cubicle? Sometimes there are no windows nearby and you just might need a pretty plant or organic quality near. How about a beautiful "real", or "faux real" orchid plant? So if you feel you need more imagination, creative energy or just plain love the color, add in some radiant orchid!

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