The Fluff Report: Olivia Pope is my hero...

January 16, 2014

Olivia Pope is my hero...

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[TFR by Becky Tee: , Anthro cropped tux blazer (old), Zara leather leggings, Penny Sue glitter heels, E&O DIA bracelets, SD arrow necklace]

Crack may be whack but Pope is Dope in my opinion. If you don't watch ABC's Scandal, you may not understand what my new statement tee means. Olivia Pope, played perfectly by the gorgeous Kerry Washington is a bad-ass lady working in crisis control PR situations and having an affair with the Mr. President. {Who knew Tony Goldwynn could be soooo sexy? I could only remember him as the bad dude in Ghost-and that's not a good memory} I started watching it casually on Netflix until episode 1 ended and then it was a Scandal marathon over the holiday break. Needing more, I bought season 3 from iTunes to get caught up to the present break when we have to wait until February for it to carry on. I painstakingly watched Kerry lose a Golden Globe Sunday night, which I was sure she was going to win. Oh well, at least we still have the SAG awards. I discovered Scandal has quite the cult following. Bottom line: watch it and you will know exactly what I'm spouting about!

So this leads me to my next endeavor. I am putting out my own line of statement tees. I'm so excited/nervous/anxious/proud to be taking this risk. It may or may not work out, but as my friend Peter said…."If it doesn't work, no big deal. You still have a house over your head". Nicely put! But I do have to say...I absolutely love this tee! It's Alternative Apparel, which means amazing quality. It's super soft and easy to live in. I love the vintage look and feel and the statement is sassy but the lettering isn't too bold so you won't feel silly in it. Dress it up like I did, or wear with cropped sweats and a baseball cap.  Everyone can use an extra tee, right? Check out the TFR SHOP section to be directed for purchase. oh and free shipping, because it PAINS me to pay shipping costs on anything. 

Thanks for your support of The Fluff Report! I love my readers and would not be anything without you! XO


  1. Hello, gorgeous!!! You look freakin hot! Congrats on the shirt awesome!! :)

  2. Thanks Rebecca!! You are so sweet! XO


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