The Fluff Report: My Best Friend's Closet: January 2014

January 8, 2014

My Best Friend's Closet: January 2014

As always, I'm wanting Carrie's picks and this month is no different! I got her to try the Sephora & Pantone color matching which suggested the new liquid foundation that I've been using. She made the switch (we were both using the same old powder/creme since *gasp* high school) but it wasn't working for her.  She swapped it for the Dior airbrush foundation and loves it. I had never heard of it before but what a flawless finish it gives! She still applies it with the Tarte brush because taking an aerosol can to the face isn't the most appealing way to applicate. As for her other beauty pick this month, I've always been a fan of Smashbox blush. The blush rush colors are fantastic. I love this deep coral color but be sure to use sparingly. It was the statement necklace, but in 2014 earrings are taking over! These beauties are bright and fun and I just plain want them. Can we talk about cropped distressed jeans for a moment? The description labels them as "whiskering, fading and destruction throughout". Sounds intense. Just what I look for in a jean. I'm always wondering what to add to my wardrobe in January. This beautiful silk tee from J.Crew can be worn to work or for a casual day out. Any and all of these items can be found below. Click on what you want and get shopping!

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