The Fluff Report: January 2014

January 31, 2014

[Rachel*Rebecca] Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

 photo 80d7a9aa-4d1a-409e-8ab8-a14bcaff09ac.jpg

Dress #1: Piperlime (sold out), similar
Dress #2: Piperlime
Shoes (top): rsvp
Shoes (bottom): SoleSociety
Earrings (top): Lily Rain
Earrings (bottom): Lily Rain 

Listening to my friends talk who have little girls this weekend, the conversation went something like this…
E: 'A''s favorite color is now purple. *eye roll* purple. really? it used to be yellow. I like yellow.
C: Get used to it. 'S' changed over to purple a year ago and she probably will be into it for the next few years. So I hear.

Geez…I didn't know there was such a problem with purple, but I guess it's one of those colors that little girls who are into dance and barbies and Frozen love. And I'm sure you've heard about the Red Hat Society in which older women wear red hats and purple dresses and do…something. But what about all of us ladies in between? Can we pull off purple? Well, Pantone says we can and since they are the authority on color, I'm going to agree. Radiant orchid is the color of 2014. This is not a purple for the fainthearted. This is a vibrant shocking mix of magenta and fuchsia that will definitely get you noticed. Go bold head to toe or tone it down with a neutral outfit and bright peep toes or sandals. I am one to always add in color with accessories so I love the baubles from Lily Rain, a fabulous online accessories store. So excuse me little girls and grandmas, there's a new purple in town...

[Rachel*Rebecca] Pantone Color of 2014: Radiant Orchid

Happy Friday! Today is the first monthly installment of my collaboration with interior designer, Rachel of Rachel Clark Designs. This month we are bringing Pantone's color of the year into your home and closet! I'm so bad about changing up my decor, but read on how Rachel shows how to incorporate small doses of the color with accent pieces that are a great price! Can I stop and just say how much I LOVE the agate lamp finial?! Not only are natural stones trending in jewelry, but they are hot for the home too. Check back later in the day to read the second half of our post on incorporating this dazzling color into your wardrobe. 
 photo b0b6f0c1-2344-4fda-a215-6f436263dc81.jpg

Do you think you can fall in love or like with a color just because of it's meaning? I did, and with a definition like; creative, imaginative and magical, I was hooked! It's the harmony of fuchsia with pink and purple undertones blooming with confidence. It all sounds good to me! I always try to do my best by sharing inexpensive, but fabulous ways to add new color trends into your space. This year, let's look at an easy wall art change out (whoa, say that fast two times!) and buy a new stocked frame in our trendy new color. I found this one at for only $9.99. also has some tufted stool/ottomans in our special color for only $79.99 and can easily go under a console table for easy access to be used for extra seating or as a coffee table! Pillows and throws are easy ways to pack a good punch of color on those drab chairs or sofas! Do you work in a cubicle? Sometimes there are no windows nearby and you just might need a pretty plant or organic quality near. How about a beautiful "real", or "faux real" orchid plant? So if you feel you need more imagination, creative energy or just plain love the color, add in some radiant orchid!

January 28, 2014

Sun Tan City in Sin City

 photo e20c5f6a-ca3f-4d20-a84b-80bc482d06b7.jpg

 photo 8788f665-f5d3-4e8e-9fbf-ff3b5e603fb5.jpg

 photo 41a6ec16-15f4-48d6-a627-94a67fb78e9e.jpg

 photo 5d4140aa-66d5-40d0-834f-3bc3079cdf0e.jpg

 photo feacb604-ebee-42fd-b461-9a5bbb079daf.jpg

 photo 1e6f9776-0fc4-4cfa-983a-55ecc273067d.jpg
[Peplum top: Guess(sold out), similar, Sequin skirt: Pim and Larkin (sold out), love this and this, heels: sam edelman, similar, clutch: j.crew, cuff and bracelet: j.crew, earrings: Target, Lip color: Tarte fiery]

Would you agree January is your least favorite month of the year? The sub zero temperatures, the let down from the holidays and reflection of my pasty white skin in the mirror is enough to make me want to hibernate 'til Spring. When I had the opportunity to attend a contact lens conference in Las Vegas this past weekend, I jumped at the chance. I had two of my favorite girls in the world meet me there to mix in some fun. They were with me the last (and only) time I had been to Vegas, which was 7 years ago when I was 10 weeks PREGNANT. Can I recommend the one place NOT to visit when you are pregnant? Yeah…Vegas 1, Becky 0. This time around was different though….

Gel mani, check. suitcase full of sequins and glitter, check. Spray tan, check. I couldn't believe how much better I felt about myself after getting a spray tan at SunTan City. It gave me just the right amount of glow to boost my mood and gave me the confidence to pull off a skirt without tights in the middle of winter. This week at STC, you can pay $1 to purchase a membership or upgrade your existing membership to the next level. 

Because I was so busy with the conference, it was hard to fit in a daytime photo shoot but I think it's more than appropriate to show a glitzy glam look at night considering it's Vegas. Plus I had to show off my room upgrade and view from my outdoor terrace. This mix of sparkle and leather was a fun departure from my more conservative taste but you know what they say...When in Rome

I came home with blisters on my toes (thanks glitter heels) and ended up delayed for an extra night in Baltimore (thanks subzero temps), but more importantly I now carry a ton more memories that I made with my girlfriends. If I can give any advice it would be to cherish and nurture your friendships. My closest friends have known me (and I them) for 25 years! It's an incredible feeling to have people like that in your life. 

And now the score has evened out. Vegas, 1. Becky, 1. 

“Stop by your local Sun Tan City today and join the club for $1. Restrictions may apply. Offer valid January 27 – January 31 at all Sun Tan City locations.” 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sun Tan City as a part of the Style Squad program. The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sun Tan City.

January 21, 2014

Celebrity Classics in Black and White

 photo 5074f598-8fda-45ce-9766-8285fc5070b5.jpg
 photo c3e2314b-0b4a-4229-8d8f-894817fd913f.jpg
 photo c65e2bcf-d187-43aa-a78a-0324669fcd7f.jpg
 photo 50b0adb7-5a8d-4c83-9c83-ca303c00113a.jpg

CLASSIC: skirt: shirt: bag: shoes
EDGY: jacket: skirtshoes
PRINTS: dress: coat: shoes

You can never go wrong with a classic black and white palette. Nina Dobrev looks classic chic in a simple black blazer and flowy flare skirt but kicks it up a notch with school bus yellow heels. Love the wings coming off the back. I've loved Keri Russell since Felicity days. She never seems to age. Her delicate face plays well with the edgy glam look she's rocking' with a fun moto jacket and pleated midi skirt. I posted the last pic of Margot Robbie on IG. She was recently seen in The Wold of Wall Street and is quickly gaining attention for her award show-stopping looks.  Love her style and mixture of prints. Girl crush on all 3 of these celebs. 

Mix up your black and white wardrobe essentials by layering and playing with prints, patterns and textures and remember…you CAN wear white heels any time of year! 

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for work with a little fun mixed in as my girlfriends come along for the ride. Follow my do-over with Vegas (first and only time I've been I was 10 weeks PREGNANT) on IG and Twitter

January 16, 2014

Olivia Pope is my hero...

 photo a4d12c10-8aee-4591-8168-a97e2b045d3b.jpg

 photo ada06477-a85a-4b42-a7ce-178faf4c86b2.jpg

 photo 4a978061-fbe8-44d4-9e21-ce33458fe68a.jpg

 photo 0acf6a99-2eb8-4970-8e3e-8dd79817465b.jpg

 photo 7037ca92-1915-489a-9e58-63889d7de078.jpg
PHOTOS: Carrie Eisenhart

[TFR by Becky Tee: , Anthro cropped tux blazer (old), Zara leather leggings, Penny Sue glitter heels, E&O DIA bracelets, SD arrow necklace]

Crack may be whack but Pope is Dope in my opinion. If you don't watch ABC's Scandal, you may not understand what my new statement tee means. Olivia Pope, played perfectly by the gorgeous Kerry Washington is a bad-ass lady working in crisis control PR situations and having an affair with the Mr. President. {Who knew Tony Goldwynn could be soooo sexy? I could only remember him as the bad dude in Ghost-and that's not a good memory} I started watching it casually on Netflix until episode 1 ended and then it was a Scandal marathon over the holiday break. Needing more, I bought season 3 from iTunes to get caught up to the present break when we have to wait until February for it to carry on. I painstakingly watched Kerry lose a Golden Globe Sunday night, which I was sure she was going to win. Oh well, at least we still have the SAG awards. I discovered Scandal has quite the cult following. Bottom line: watch it and you will know exactly what I'm spouting about!

So this leads me to my next endeavor. I am putting out my own line of statement tees. I'm so excited/nervous/anxious/proud to be taking this risk. It may or may not work out, but as my friend Peter said…."If it doesn't work, no big deal. You still have a house over your head". Nicely put! But I do have to say...I absolutely love this tee! It's Alternative Apparel, which means amazing quality. It's super soft and easy to live in. I love the vintage look and feel and the statement is sassy but the lettering isn't too bold so you won't feel silly in it. Dress it up like I did, or wear with cropped sweats and a baseball cap.  Everyone can use an extra tee, right? Check out the TFR SHOP section to be directed for purchase. oh and free shipping, because it PAINS me to pay shipping costs on anything. 

Thanks for your support of The Fluff Report! I love my readers and would not be anything without you! XO

January 15, 2014

Are you using Primer?

 photo 02c20528-26cc-4c03-8185-8f8e870496c1.jpg

I know most Moms whether working in an office or working at home are always looking to simplify their beauty routine. So adding another step to the morning ritual by using primer seems out of the question. But the way I look at primer is this: why go to all the trouble of making up your face if it's not going to last? Isn't it worth the extra 10 seconds to preserve the effort you've made? Let me break some primer basics for you...

1. What is primer anyway? Primer keeps the oils away while filling in fine lines and reducing pore size to ensure there is a smooth canvas for your makeup.

2. When do you apply primer? Primer goes over your moisturizer before concealer and foundation. If you put the moisturizer on after the primer, it won't be able to penetrate the barrier the primer creates. 

3. Which primer is best for me? Primers come in different colors to address specific skin concerns. Green can contain redness caused by rosacea, pink can help brighten skin tones and light purple can counteract sallow skin. 

4. Why for the eyes? Eye primer can prevent eye shadow creases and increase longevity throughout the day. I can't even tell you how many times it would look like I had no eyeshadow on after a day at work before I started using primer. 

I put together my faves above but there are so many options. Get ready to extend your gorgeousness throughout the day! Shop the primers below to get started...

January 13, 2014

Monday Sentiments

 photo 65fa0da5-3b47-4747-9fd9-521b82e07f31.jpg

 photo 36889d0d-eb35-43c6-ad49-869444ad47c0.jpg

 photo 5e892dfd-d5bb-4cd4-a2d3-ebc63ff65445.jpg

 photo f5d10ddc-3bf7-4d23-8840-4c3957725215.jpg

 photo 4dd2e945-6d85-4d4d-b393-ecf80b47431c.jpg

[F21 coat (24.99!), Mom made beanie, LOFT jeans, Stella&Dot necklaces, Sam Edelman heels, similar, ON bag, ThursdayFriday poof, Nars Funny Face lip color]

The end of this month will be the 6 year anniversary of my Dad's passing. Back then, we were going through things at the house, don't ask me why, but I ended up with a floor scale. I needed one and so I took it. It looks like it might be from the eighties (not that scales have changed appearance since then). My husband says it can give you a 10 lb.  swing depending on where you place your feet, but it always tends to work just fine for me. I don't know why but I can't get rid of the scale. It's not like my Dad and I always weighed ourselves together on it or even had a conversation pertaining to it. It just reminds me of him and so I will probably have it for a very long time. 

That's how I feel about this beanie. I wanted to do a jeweled beanie DIY so I asked my Mom if she could knit it for me. She was more than excited to, I lost steam on my end but I still love this hat. It's not perfectly made, it's not name brand, and the jewels are missing,  but it fits my small head and it's comfortable and my Mom made it for me. 

The leopard coat was a great sale find at Forever 21. Marked down from 50 to 25 dollars, I couldn't resist. 

January 10, 2014

FAB(letics) Juice Reboot

 photo c39ed769-9b27-4a5f-8fbb-0735a6c0d801.jpg

 photo a20c4a75-59cc-457e-bff5-c93155452f15.jpg

 photo f4d9b4ff-1b7e-411b-8a7b-12788dff1345.jpg

[Fabletics shirt/headband/waterbottle, J.Crew puffer vest, Gap yoga pants]

If you've been following me on IG, you know that I've been doing a juice reboot all week. I'm sure you've heard of juicing as it is becoming the next "IT" thing for getting in shape and jumpstarting a healthier eating lifestyle. I chose to do because I felt there was a lot of easy to understand information and they had very straightforward plans to follow. The 3 and 5 day reboot are literally you drinking juices for those days with some coconut water and tea sprinkled into it. I was sure I could do it until I got to the end of day 1 and realized I NEED FOOD!  Why is it when you can't have something, it makes you obsess over it? I literally was counting the minutes until I could sip on some coconut water. The 10 day plan combines food with juices and so I've mildly adopted that plan. The morning juices are actually delicious, my son loves them and I could see myself making them long term. All in all, it's been a great reminder of what I normally stuff in my mouth without even thinking about it. I don't think twice to pop pretzels from the snack preparation for the kids, leftover eggs from their breakfast, a bit of a candy bar and the list goes on and on. When I've actually stopped and thought about it before I put in my mouth, 100% of the time, I didn't go through with it. 

To go along with my health kick, I'm signing up for another 1/2 marathon in April. Cute work out gear always motivates me and I'm loving Kate Hudson's new line-Fabletics. Check out the black camo leggings. So fun! 

Have a Healthy, Happy Weekend Fluff Followers! 

January 8, 2014

My Best Friend's Closet: January 2014

As always, I'm wanting Carrie's picks and this month is no different! I got her to try the Sephora & Pantone color matching which suggested the new liquid foundation that I've been using. She made the switch (we were both using the same old powder/creme since *gasp* high school) but it wasn't working for her.  She swapped it for the Dior airbrush foundation and loves it. I had never heard of it before but what a flawless finish it gives! She still applies it with the Tarte brush because taking an aerosol can to the face isn't the most appealing way to applicate. As for her other beauty pick this month, I've always been a fan of Smashbox blush. The blush rush colors are fantastic. I love this deep coral color but be sure to use sparingly. It was the statement necklace, but in 2014 earrings are taking over! These beauties are bright and fun and I just plain want them. Can we talk about cropped distressed jeans for a moment? The description labels them as "whiskering, fading and destruction throughout". Sounds intense. Just what I look for in a jean. I'm always wondering what to add to my wardrobe in January. This beautiful silk tee from J.Crew can be worn to work or for a casual day out. Any and all of these items can be found below. Click on what you want and get shopping!

SHOP Carrie's Picks! 

January 3, 2014

Smack Talkin' in 2014

I've said it before I am a collector. I find something I like and I buy every color I can find. My latest collection? Becca Beach Tint for lips. I was gifted one in my Lucky Conference swag bag and didn't think much of it until I tried it one day and then it was ALL I could think about. I started with Watermelon, a bright pink,  but then Grapefruit (pale coral), Fig (tea rose pink) and Papaya (hot red) soon followed. Alone they are $25 but I somehow lucked out and found a three pack of full sizes for $35 before Christmas. They have a nice matte finish and last forever. Make sure your lips are nice and hydrated or you could have a crusty outline. yuck. My beautiful friend Sarah gave me the Aveda Lip Glaze for a Christmas present in Wineberry and I love the bold pink color. It brightens my face and has a minty smell. yum. I've always been a fan of Tarte LipSurgence and my fiery red receives a ton of compliments, even from men. I can't wait to try their power pigment line for Spring '14. The packaging alone puts me in a trance. pretty. 

My trio of Becca Beach Tints
Aveda NurishMint in Wineberry

January 1, 2014

Rachel.Rebecca in 2014!

 photo de573b0c-c19d-4d79-bbf8-e6f776344b72.jpg

 photo 9659abd2-abc7-471d-984e-818d19fcbdde.jpg

 photo 126960af-f834-45f6-8dd9-2e1cae541806.jpg

 photo 3b86bc30-4280-4f78-96b4-dc99ff7dbb27.jpg

 photo 4722ef14-25a6-41a1-b807-55a34e6eba8e.jpg
 photo de573b0c-c19d-4d79-bbf8-e6f776344b72.jpg

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm excited to get 2014 rollin'. I can't wait to see how TFR evolves this year and to get things started, I'm beginning a new collaboration with my friend, Rachel. Rachel is an amazing interior designer and runs Rachel Clark Designs. She loves rustic charm, DIY and mixing high/low items. Remember when I did this giveaway with her amazing glossy black antlers? She's given me numerous tips on how to save moolah while updating my new home and I couldn't be more excited to team up and bring you Rachel.Rebecca. I would suspect that most of you reading this blog care about fashion and like to see the latest trends, right? I think it's true that most women who keep up their appearance, also keep up their home and are interested in new and upcoming home decorating tips and tricks. Just like my wardrobe, I sometimes get stuck in a rut with my decorating and feel blah about my space. Rachel is here to get me out of it and she can do that for you as well! 

Each month we'll pick a topic and do a two day series on how to incorporate the trend not only into your wardrobe, but your home as well. If you have any ideas, questions or topics you'd like us to explore, leave us a note on the blog and hopefully we can make it happen! 

Cheers to the new year! Let's make it a great 2014! XO