The Fluff Report: Small Business Saturday: Sweet William Vintage

December 7, 2013

Small Business Saturday: Sweet William Vintage

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Saturdays are synonymous with family time aka "mommy day" for my boys but it's also Small Business Saturday. It's always more than okay to support small, local [or non-local] businesses, especially around the holidays. One of my favorite local lovelies is Alison, one half of the sister duo behind Sweet William Vintage. Let's face it-jewelry pieces are a dime a dozen, but how often do you find an unique bauble that incorporates vintage touches for a one of a kind creation? Yeah-it's rare. One of my favorite aspects of fashion is the individuality and expression it allows. I cherish my jewels that only I have. Do you have something special that you admire and treasure? If not-I suggest investing in your own timeless piece from Alison. 20% off and free shipping through Christmas! 

Take a look at SWV on Facebook and pick your own piece at

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