The Fluff Report: Menswear Monday

December 2, 2013

Menswear Monday

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[BR top, BR vest, BR pants, Target shoes, c/o Galian bag]

It's always a great relief when I can look at different pieces in my closet and pull them together in a totally new and different way. A relief in the sense that I haven't completely wasted money on something I'll wear only a handful of times only to then sit in my closet.  This menswear look is fabricated out of older items that I've never thought to mix . I'd say they all get along, wouldn't you agree? 

A laptop bag is essential for the working lady and I have a few that I keep in rotation. When I had my choice at the LuckyFabb conference on a Galian bag, I knew I wanted this messenger attaché. But take a look at some of my metallic holiday faves from them. Galian is offering 30% off through today! Somebody NEEDS to buy that Ailyah metallic clutch. I can't think of a holiday pairing it wouldn't get along with, wouldn't you agree? 

 photo 3011c0b2-f0d2-4d7d-ba14-a3618898debe.jpg


  1. Love this look! And trying to restrain myself from buying that clutch! xoxo

  2. Amy @ One Artsy MamaDecember 2, 2013 at 11:18 AM

    Great outfit!! I can't believe how much snow you have! I picked the same Galian messenger bag...I actually have a $75 Galian giveaway on my site right now!

  3. Great menswear look and I love love that bag!!! Holy snow!

  4. Yes, we got quite the storm before Thanksgiving! Then yesterday is was in the 50s. Typical Rochester weather!!

  5. yes, we got quite the storm before Thanksgiving. Then yesterday it was in the 50's! Typical Rochester weather!!


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