The Fluff Report: MBFC: DIY Holiday Cake Plate

December 12, 2013

MBFC: DIY Holiday Cake Plate

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Not only is she stylish, but she's crafty. Now I'm not one for DIY, but these cake plates are simple, pretty and inexpensive to create. The plates and candlesticks are fun finds from the local TJ Maxx and Marshalls and can range in price from $2.99 to a whopping $5.99. The candlesticks were purchased at HobbyLobby. Again, a steal for under $10. I love these as gifts for a teacher, co-worker, or friend.  Wrap up some of your favorite Christmas cookies to gift those as well for a charming presentation. Merry Gifting! 

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  1. You know, looking at these plates just made me so happy. They look so festive and pretty!


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