The Fluff Report: What's Your [Brush] IQ?

November 11, 2013

What's Your [Brush] IQ?

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I am a collector. It wasn't enough for me to have 1 Cabbage Patch Kid as a child. I had to have 8 of them [2 regulars, World Traveler, twin boys, preemie, baby and the Koosa] I guess you could say I picked that trait up from my Dad. I inherited his Weekly Reader collection from the '50s, his stamp collection and my basement is filled with bins of beer steins that he collected throughout his adult life. Boxes and paperwork included-of course. My sons are the same way. We don't just have a handful of Skylanders...we have 52 of them. I know this because Trevor lined them up and counted them the other day. But my question is....Is being a collector a genetic trait that gets passed down from generation to generation? It certainly seems so in my family. And while I've packed the CPKs away, my collections are now mostly beauty and fashion related. Which brings me to my current post [finally, you say?] I have quite a collection of make up brushes, each serving a different purpose. I think cosmetic brushes make my holiday list every year because in my collector's mind, you can never have too many!

One of my favorite tips for applying foundation is to do so with a brush. It glides on the foundation and gives a smooth, even finish. Plus I hate feeling foundation on my fingers. {sensory issue-are those inherited too?} The kabuki brush for bronzer is a short tight bristle brush that allows for even application in small areas. Please, we don't need a bunch of "tan moms" running around. I've been using Laura Mercier highlighting powder and apply it lightly to the tops of my cheekbones with my Bobbi Brown face blender brush. On my cheekbones, I use an angled blush brush. If you want to add a few extras to your make up kit, tame your brows with a spooley brush  or buy it simply because you love saying the word spooley. Trying to achieve a richly colored lip look? A lip brush can give you a lot when only a little is needed. Last but not least...clean those brushes with a quick spray from Sephora's professional line. The small bottle is only $7.00.

Today I said goodbye to a Grandfather, whose services were in the same mausoleum as my Step-Father, which reminded me of my real Father. All of who were Veterans. So a BIG THANK YOU to all those that have served our country today and always! XO

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  1. I collected Cabbage Patch Kids as a child, too... Haha :)

    Thanks so much for the recommendations--My makeup just got discontinued and I'm devastated!! I'm in search of new powder. :)




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