The Fluff Report: The Thrill of "The Hunt"

November 21, 2013

The Thrill of "The Hunt"

Jack has Plants vs. Zombies. Trev has Temple Run. Bob has Deer Hunter. It's time I had an app game that I was addicted to. And now I do. When I was at the Lucky magazine blogger conference last month, I heard about a new fashion app for the iPhone called The Hunt. It's basically what I like to do for all of my friends (or anyone who will ask). Say you see an article of clothing or an entire outfit for that matter on Pinterest and you want it and you want it badly. Start a "hunt" with the picture and label if you want the "exact" or "similar" with a price point. The hunt is on and people will post a "find" with the link on where to buy it. Collect gems when people think you've done a good job. [Don't mind if I do] My most popular finds have been the triple chevron necklace, black and white aztec leggings, and the RAD sweater. And I've got the Gems to prove it. 

The official launch of the app is TODAY and it has a new look and feel to it. Oh and it's a freebie so of course you have to download it now and follow me so I can go on a hunt just for you! Lace pencil skirt? Eiffel Tower Earrings? Turquoise Coach Bag? No Problem. I'd like nothing better than to find it for you so you can cure your outfit envy. 

Happy Hunting Fluffies! 

disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Hunt. All opinions are 100% my own. I attest to the fact that I am completely addicted to this app. Sponsor or no sponsor. 

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