The Fluff Report: Top 5 Highlights from the Lucky Magazine Blogger Conference #LuckyFABB

October 27, 2013

Top 5 Highlights from the Lucky Magazine Blogger Conference #LuckyFABB

#5: Unapologetically Plastic: How the World's Most Iconic Doll Remains Relevant: Barbie Lunch

 I was fortunate to attend this interesting luncheon celebrating the one and only icon: Barbie. Everyone has a Barbie story from their childhood. I personally was more biased towards my Cabbage Patch Collection but I do remember the handmade clothes my Grandmother knitted for my Barbies and the pink plastic carrying case she was stored in. Love her or hate her, Barbie can inspire girls that anything is possible. You can be an astronaut, computer engineer, doctor, teacher or whatever else you put your mind to.

#4: The LuckyFABB Swag Bag

I was told attendees would be getting an amazing amount of loot, but I was absolutely blown away by the gi-normous swag bag given as we left the conference. I was having a hard time navigating back to the hotel because it was that heavy. I can't wait to share with you some of the amazing products and treasures discovered! I would compare it to my best Christmas morning. I patiently took out each item, examined it, discussed with my Mom and then continued on to the next. Nice and slowwwww so I could savor each gift.

#3: Interview with Kate Bosworth

My all access pass scored me a seat in one of the first 3 rows. Being this close to Kate Bosworth was unbelievable. She is delicate and poised and when she gushed about her husband I thought awww.....newlywed. Just wait until he starts bitching about the house being a mess the day you left for a conference. or something like that...Anyway, she just launched a collection with TopShop, a fabulous retailer that delivers great fashion at an affordable price. I will have to buy something simply because it's got Kate's stamp of approval. 

#2: P&G Beauty: New Bloggers of Beauty Contest

I had the chance to participate in the "New Voices of Beauty" casting contest sponsored by COVERGIRL, Olay, Pantene and Secret. There were 30 bloggers selected and each had to do an on camera interview and were asked a series of questions. Easy breezy, right? I've been on camera before. Simple. Uh...WRONG-O! Little did I know that there were 3 bloggers in different corners of the room being interviewed at the same time. Can you say ADD? And my camera man kept silently and rather violently motioning to another camera man about something he wasn't doing correctly. Again, can you say ADD? I found myself rambling about how I was an "old" blogger. Lovely. Yes, work with me because I'm...OLD. Great selling point. AND the very infamous Anna Wintour [editor of Vogue] got on the elevator where we were all waiting, except it was when I was in the interview room so I missed her! So why is this the second most exciting highlight of my experience? Because it was just that--an amazing experience that I will NEVER forget. Until I'm old and then of course I won't remember a thing, which accordingly to me might be as early as tomorrow. 

#1: Eva Mendes wears my scarf as a head wrap! 

I think just listening to Eva Mendes would have been my number one highlight regardless if she had worn my scarf or not. There is every reason to love this girl. She is down to Earth, funny, classy and intelligent. I think everyone in that room felt that they could be best friends with her. But here's how my moment went down...Eva Chen, editor of Lucky magazine, asked Eva M. what was one thing she always packs in her suitcase. A scarf to wrap her big hair, she said. Eva Chen wondered how exactly she donned the look and Eva M. asked if anyone in the audience had a scarf. Guess who had an eye chart scarf purchased from our local Thread boutique just 2 weeks ago in her bag? Frantically, I pulled it out and waved it around. Luckily, no one else had one or maybe their neurons weren't firing quite as fast as mine. I passed it up on stage and Eva began wrapping her head in my gigantic scarf. What impressed me most is she did it perfectly without a mirror. A definite hidden talent. I got the scarf back and I'm pretty sure it won't be seeing a washing machine for quite a bit of time. [like ever]

So there it is, love bugs. My very first and hopefully not my last Lucky FABB conference. I want to give my readers a HUGE thank you for supporting The Fluff Report. Without your interest, I would never have the courage to continue blogging and therefore never would have ended up at this amazing conference. We all have busy lives and adding another read to the list can be overwhelming in itself, so thanks for sticking with me on this journey! You're the BEST! 

AND P.S.I will be on our local CW tomorrow at 8:45 chatting about "Beauty products that have stood the test of time". Tune in. I promise I will not mention how "old" I am. 


  1. Great meeting you at the fab LuckyFABB, Becky! Have fun telling your friends all about the head wrap moment with Eva. SO cool. ;-) ~Madeline

  2. Congrats! Looks like an amazing trip with amazing memories! Love the swag bag!

  3. Yay - sounds like you had so many amazing moments...I'm thrilled for you & loved hearing all about it! xoxo

  4. Rebecca WattenschaidtOctober 28, 2013 at 1:15 PM

    Had such a great time meeting you!!! I am sure you did great in your interview! :) It was exciting!

  5. I had so much fun meeting you too! I would love for us Mommies to collaborate!

  6. Rebecca WattenschaidtOctober 28, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    Absolutely! I will brainstorm some ideas....maybe something geared towards a Mommy's wardrobe, staples for it, styling for Mommy's...(I original...haha). Talk to you soon!

  7. I was SO bummed that we missed Anna because of filming but I ended up seeing her that same night when she was slipping out the back door of the Booth Theater. She was actually smiling and taking photos with people - I was in shock! ha! And I'm so with on the ADD of filming in that room - I have no idea what I even said during that interview! haha

    xo, Jordan

    & Violet


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