The Fluff Report: The Inspired Life Movement & A Giveaway!

October 14, 2013

The Inspired Life Movement & A Giveaway!

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The MOST common question I get regarding The Fluff Report is "How do you find the time?" I try to be a dedicated doctor, wife, friend, daughter and Mom, but I do have hobbies. Don't you? Hobbies are relaxing and enjoyable and in my personal opinion make you a more well rounded individual. And although it would be my dream to make TFR a full time job, in reality it is still a hobby.

Even though I LOVE it, I feel a commitment to my readers to post consistently and with great, exciting content so I guess TFR is another baby added to my checklist of things to dedicate myself to. It's all too easy while dedicating yourself to others to forget about taking care of YOU! So I'm excited to share my latest giveaway this week via The 30 Day Inspired Life Movement by Sheryn Kelderhouse. This 30 day "re-charging" exercise can jumpstart and inspire your heart and soul. All you have to do is sign up for the daily marching orders [delivered to your inbox] from Sheryn in order to win this beautiful journal, mug, pencil and green tea gift set. [so wish I could win this]. She promises to get you back on track with yourself and help you live a more fulfilling day and life! Get ready to {dream big} like the mug says...

Once you sign up, leave a comment below letting me know! I'll be choosing a winner at random on Friday, October 18th at 7pm [EST]. Best of luck!! 

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  1. What an absolutely wonderful idea! It makes me want to curl up in a comfy chair and just relax for hours.....


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