The Fluff Report: Emerson & Oliver--Giveaway!

October 7, 2013

Emerson & Oliver--Giveaway!

I am so happy to be teaming up with Mary and Laura, the dynamic duo behind Emerson & Oliver for a fantastic giveaway this week! Here's why...

1. They've been friends for 20 years and who can't help but respect best buds that have stuck it out through the years. 
2. They love fashion, beauty and traveling. Girls after my own heart. 
3. They are entrepreneurs. There is a large amount of risk taking that I whole heartedly admire. 
4. They are Moms. Me too. It's pretty much a club. 
5. They give back. 60% of proceeds from their limited edition Dia bracelets benefit RocCity Park. 
6. They take pictures like this and I want to be besties with them too! 

E&O are giving away one set of their popular, signature set of DIA bracelets (pack of 25). These are by far the coolest bracelets I've seen in forever! Softer than the typical bangles, the DIA set are actually made of stainless steel industrial springs. Doesn't exactly conjure up the image of softness, but I swear, I could not stop petting them once on my wrist. I also swear my wrist looked thinner. Could these possibly be flattering to your figure as well? If so, wish I could fit them around my waist. 

Here's me wearing the rose-gold and a couple stainless steels in the mix...
 photo 28fc0bcb-0a43-4d74-9817-e6c8bb2c967c.jpg

Here's the set you can win. It's Monday, we're all tired, so I'm making it super easy to enter...
 photo 0d04d789-f0f1-448e-9061-cf867ff695c7.jpg

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