The Fluff Report: Anatomy of a Celebrity Outfit: Lily Collins

October 31, 2013

Anatomy of a Celebrity Outfit: Lily Collins


Let's face it....the 90's are back. Overalls, grunge, even 'NSync has made an appearance, even if it was for much shorter than even they expected. Before you go taping yourself with 3 other girlfriends singing Color Me Badd's I Adore Mi Amor [who, me?] why not just embrace this 90's fashion comeback and slip into your Birkenstock clogs. Our celeb Lily Collins was just six months old when the 90s began, but she's styled that extra large plaid flannel around her waist like a true 1990's pro. I just hope it was taken from the Men's section. I dissected her outfit so you too could be 90's cool in 2014. 

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  1. Love these suggestions! I'm ordering the "wifey" t-shirt!


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