The Fluff Report: Oh Deer, A Giveaway!

September 9, 2013

Oh Deer, A Giveaway!

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Obviously the main focus of my blog is fashion and beauty, but since buying a new house, I've been in decorating mode. I've really been able to try some different and fun decor that I haven't used in the past. I asked my friend Rachel from Rachel Clark Designs to show me some of her tips and tricks for updating my {home} look. She busted out some fantastic ways on how to incorporate antlers into 3 different areas. My husband nearly had a heart attack when he heard I was allowing antlers as actual DECORATION in our casa. {sorry Sweets, but the large furry mounted head and his antlers stays put in the garage} Because I LOVE this mix of masculine charm, I wanted to offer my readers not only unique ways to display them but also the chance to spice up your own space! So Rachel is kindly offering one black, glossy antler candleholder seen in the foyer pictures. {Adorable coral candle not included but can be found here.} You have the entire week to enter and there are more ways than one to get more entries.  

Best of luck, have a wonderful week, and thanks for reading! 

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  1. OMG! These antlers are so cute I can't stand it! ;) Fingers crossed I win!!!

  2. Love these! And so will my hunter-husband and sons!!!

  3. I absolutely love them, they look fantastic and I have to say your rooms look wonderful!

  4. Thanks for tweeting this to me today! I've been wanting one of these for my home for a while now!

    xo Jessica

  5. Like the antlers...but suppose your husband has three full deer heads and four or five sets of loose antlers? I negotiated him down to one head in the living room and two over the stairwell. The loose antlers are in the garage. But maybe I'll try one of your ideas as well.


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