The Fluff Report: Hometown Love

August 5, 2013

Hometown Love

When I graduated high school a few years back, I swore I'd never live in Rochester again. I wanted a bigger city, more adventure, more culture. So I did it. I moved to Greenville, NC. (Go Pirates!) Ok, so not exactly big city but definitely a culture  shock  change. From there I lived in Boston, New Mexico, Tennessee and settled in Los Angeles. I loved everything about the beach, sunshine and Hollywood. Life was good until it wasn't. I was 26, a doctor, and still borrowing rent money from the parents. I was talking to my Mom and best friend (who happened to live in Rochester) 3 times a day. I suddenly realized that I would rather be sitting in front of a fire in a snowstorm drinking wine with my best friends than walking on the beach alone. So the impulsive little lady that I am, I packed my car and drove cross country to move back to Rochester. It was only going to be a short time until I saved money to move to Atlanta. But of course love got in the way and here I am perfectly happy in...Rochester. 

I must say there are so many great things that I love about this city. Sure you can sit around and complain about the fact that it seems like winter 8 months out of the year, or you could...take up skiing? It's all about finding where to go and what to do. I always look at It's a great new resource for discovering the places to be when in the ROC.  For instance, I had no idea we had a Road Truck Rodeo once a month which is a huge culinary trend right now. If you are local, you must check this website, started by a husband and wife who moved back to Rochester after being gone for many, many years away. Sound familiar? 

I'm you still live in your hometown or have you moved on? 

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