The Fluff Report: Dare to Bare!

August 20, 2013

Dare to Bare!

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Do I dare say that summer is coming to an end? Don't throw your rotten tomatoes at me yet.  I'm here to soften the blow and show you some products that will enhance that gorgeous glow the sun gave you even though you've been wearing SPF 90 all summer. Running out the door in 5 minutes and looking beautiful while doing it has never been so easy if you just follow these steps...

1. Seventh Generation's skin firming oil helps set the base for what's to come. I've discussed the importance of oils before and will remind you that oil will not make your face more oily or cause more break-outs. When it replenishes the skin with the oil you need, it's less likely to produce more. Oh and anything with the word "firming" in the title get a big gold star from me! 

2. A little tinted moisturizer is all you need to enhance the summer glow. The Face Stockholm mineral formulation diffuses light and minimizes fine lines. Fine by me!

3. Another light reflecting product, Smashbox's Soft Lights shimmer powder can add a little rosy glow when swept across the cheekbones and try highlighting at the temples and nose for more radiance. 

4. If the Naked Palette hasn't achieved iconic status yet, it will sometime soon. The Naked basics has stripped to just that..the basics. Six "nakedly neutral" shadows that are all matte come in a slimmed down travel size version. May I suggest trying the "Walk of Shame" if you haven't already (yes, that's a shadow name)? 

5. Hold up everyone...This product is screaming my name. I love the ballet pink cover and crisp silver container. The Dior Addict Lip Glow is a sheer balm that will moisturize and enhance those natural lips of yours. It also has mango butter in it. Delish!

6. I know I'll never have Kate Upton brows like on the cover of Vogue or Cara Delevingne's brows on a good, bad or in-between day but when I want to give them a more natural look, I brush on some clear gel to perk them up a bit and at least get them all going in the same direction. Try Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel. 


  1. Oh fabulous products! I think these will definitely take me into fall! No rotten tomatoes, I'm excited!

    1. Thanks Caroline! I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were! Hope you are having a great summer! XO


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