The Fluff Report: Natural Beauty

June 26, 2013

Natural Beauty

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Summertime is the best time to dial down the make-up and bare an au naturale look. I found some great products that actually work to enhance whatcha mama gave you. Smashbox O-Gloss is an intuitive gloss that goes on clear and reacts with your personal skin chemistry to create your own custom version of pink. I actually just loved the clear gloss but 5 minutes later when I took another gander, I couldn't believe the pinky-pinky color to my lips. The O-Gloss GOLD brings out a peachy shade in your smackers which is perfect when trying to do that bronzy glow I've been chattering about. Try O-Glow to bring out your natural cheek blush. I love Dior's nail glow concept. This again enhances the pink in your nails and the white in your tips to give them a shiny, healthy glow. I've read mixed reviews {one reviewer said it looked like her nails were dipped in Kool-Aid} but am anxious to try it none the less! 

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