The Fluff Report: Leopard Pants...Then and Now

June 13, 2013

Leopard Pants...Then and Now

 photo d01d1a59-965e-4a25-8d6f-73659d547724.jpg

{before: a little too baggy, a little too boot cut, a little too 90's}

 photo e2a1e735-cd2d-4c5f-8deb-dea704c76a97.jpg

{after: slim, cropped and updated}

 photo d015e147-9def-40e1-aa5e-4d25bcfd6b53.jpg

 photo 9c88ec22-3b79-44a8-9ffb-12d2c6bb3889.jpg

 photo e4b9d552-98e2-4abf-9a37-6df5856bdefb.jpg

 photo 917d8588-01a0-45e7-ad44-c09fd1043972.jpg
{pants: XOXO from the 90s!, top: old navy, shoes: sam edelman, rings: mod cloth, s&d, necklaces: target, s&d}

Throughout this whole moving thing, I've vowed to be more organized. I would love to move into a new house with a clean start. AKA, no useless items allowed. Unfortunately I'm genetically predisposed to clutter. {thanks Mom} and I have a hard time purging. I came across two bins of clothes the other day. One had 60 sorority date night t-shirts and the other contained a jackpot. I'm talkin' Powerball jackpot. In that golden bin of treasures was a.leather pants b.pleather pants c.leopard pants and d.denim overalls. I couldn't believe I actually had the sense to continue to carry these items throughout the dozens of moves I've made since the 90s. But I guess if I still have my monchichi doll from 1981, it really shouldn't come as a surprise after all. 

So the pleather pants should probably be reserved for when my 1 year old niece needs to go to a "90's" party in 19 years. The leather pants felt like I had steel legs so not sure what to do with all that uncomfortableness. The overalls will be back {they are already making a scene, and I have to admit I'm loving them like here} and the leopard pants were almost there. They needed a little tlc so of course I called on Fatima from Thimble Tailoring. She had some enthusiasm so I took a leap of faith because that's what you do with Fatima. I have to say mission accomplished! She turned the baggy boot-cuts into slim, cropped beauties ready to be worn again. 

Moral of the blog post: Hold on to a few super trendy pieces. They'll be back in style someday. I promise. 


  1. You look so cute! I love your hair too! Do you use a curling iron to get those curls?


    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for the compliment on my hair! Check out this post I did awhile ago on the curling irons I use. For this post I used #2, the curling wand! Love that it works on my short hair, like it did with my long...

      Have a great weekend!


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