The Fluff Report: Lacy Underthings

June 10, 2013

Lacy Underthings

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Now that the weather is getting warmer, I'd like to wear tops that are a little bit sheery but every time I put one on and see a thick beige bra strap poking through, I get disgusted and the top ends up in a ball on my floor. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but most of my intimates are beige and boring. There is no time in my morning routine to search for a matching bra and underwear set with lace and frills and pretty polka dots. Much to my husband's dismay, this is a priority that is non-existant at the moment. However, I did finally realize a cute lacy under thing would be the perfect pop of color if it happened to peek out. I went on a search and found a ton of options at all different price points. And even though we are on a "new house budget" my husband gave me the go ahead to spend away. {hmm...} I picked up the honeydew aqua and pink one at a fantastic local boutique, Devil May Care and hot pink number at aerie. They're comfortable, cute and I may even prefer a strap showing here and there.


  1. I love little lace bras peeking through, but it does have to be very tactfully done. Don't want anyone seeing oo much! I absolutely adore your picks.

  2. These are so fun! I'm loving Aerie lately & they are very inexpensive! And I own 2 of the Honeydew sets from Devil May Care~they are super comfy!

  3. No matter what kind of budget you are on husbands will ALWAYS approve a lacy underthings shopping spree. ;) I adore Aerie and have an ridiculous amount of their underwear and bras. Great picks to share! You just inspired me to restock. :)

  4. I love this style, the lace bra peeking through, however my husband doesn't. He thinks it's "ho-ey". Love the styles you shared, hopefully they will help change his mind.

    1. I agree that you should tread lightly here. There should be a certain level of taste!

  5. Love these! Have you tried True&Co ( ? It's an amazing site that has become my go to spot for bra shopping!

  6. Love the selection. Thanks for including us!! xx


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