The Fluff Report: Kate Upton: Bronzed Beauty

June 3, 2013

Kate Upton: Bronzed Beauty

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Is it just me or are you obsessed with Kate Upton's June Vogue cover too? Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but she embodies an all-American girl living a healthy lifestyle.  The girl's got boobs and she's not afraid to show 'em! Check out her Sports Illustrated cover if you don't believe me. In the Vogue article, she said she got a lot of criticism for the SI cover and it started the age old controversy on if she was too "fat". {get over it people, so bored with that} I think her look is classic and sexy and from the article she seems like she's got the confidence to go with it. As women, we tend to be so self critical of our body image. It's great to see someone who has curves and loves them!

Not only am I obsessed with Kate, but with this beauty look. I love that bronzed glow that reminds me of vacation and the beach. Since there are no vacays in my future, I'll fake it with the plethora of products out there. I'm stalking this Laura Mercier coral bronze duo and would recommend using a kabuki brush for application. It applies the powder more evenly so you don't look streaky. Due for a new gloss, I can't wait to check out the Bobbi Brown limited edition glosses from the nude beach collection. 

Check out below for some of my other fav bronzed looks! 

Bronzed Beauties {images via Pinterest}

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  1. I love those products!!

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  2. Obsessed with this cover!

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  3. LOVE IT! I'm in love witht the first bronzed beauty~perfect makeup! Can't wait to try the glosses!

  4. I love how you broke this down! Now I want to get a great bronzer!

  5. You know what they say...if you can't tone it, tan it! Or fake tan it in this case...


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