The Fluff Report: June-Obsessions

June 7, 2013


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1. I wasn't sure how I felt about Toms until I saw my friend with these sparklers on at a cookout. They caught my eye and I love the idea of wearing them in summer when my toes are in need of a pedi! 
2. I don't know why it's almost Summer and all I've been loving are jeans, scarves and now this Vintage Havana sweater. But I can explain...It's so soft that I pictured wearing it after the sun goes down over my bikini while on a boat sipping a margarita. 
3. This Philip B. finishing creme is just the product to run through my roots to my tips after styling to give me that slightly crazy curl-beach look. 
4. Speaking of that beach look, how about Bumble and Bumble extending their Surf collection to shampoo and conditioner. I'm stoked. 
5. A month later, another sunscreen product. This L'Oreal one has popped up in just about every June magazine so I had to try it. It feels so wrong to be slathering oil on before going out in the sun but I'm just gonna go with it.  
6. Do you need to know that I had this dip at a friend's house, made it three days later for my own birthday party and then finished it off with a spoon the following day for lunch? If you're trying to resolve conflict, make this and all your problems will be solved. No one can hate you after eating this. No one. 
7. My fingers are the size of toothpicks so it's really hard to find rings that fit. This Stella & Dot secret garden ring comes in S/M and M/L and it's adjustable. Bing-o!
8. I need a bar cart for my soon to be dining room because it sits about 50 and I think I can just roll this from one room to the other with a push. Laziness thankfully not avoided. 
9. This neon pinky coral is the first gel polish I bought after getting my new Red Carpet Manicure set. I haven't stopped picking at it since. 
10. Tenth season. The only show I'm watching right now. It has nothing to do with the fact I'm living with Ma that only gets basic cable. Gasp! I know, it's torture. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

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  1. Oh these are so awesome! I've been using the B&B shampoo and I love it! Now I'm dying to try that creme too!


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