The Fluff Report: June 2013

June 26, 2013

Natural Beauty

 photo 9223a3d7-e4a6-434c-b152-20a4aab3b167.jpg

Summertime is the best time to dial down the make-up and bare an au naturale look. I found some great products that actually work to enhance whatcha mama gave you. Smashbox O-Gloss is an intuitive gloss that goes on clear and reacts with your personal skin chemistry to create your own custom version of pink. I actually just loved the clear gloss but 5 minutes later when I took another gander, I couldn't believe the pinky-pinky color to my lips. The O-Gloss GOLD brings out a peachy shade in your smackers which is perfect when trying to do that bronzy glow I've been chattering about. Try O-Glow to bring out your natural cheek blush. I love Dior's nail glow concept. This again enhances the pink in your nails and the white in your tips to give them a shiny, healthy glow. I've read mixed reviews {one reviewer said it looked like her nails were dipped in Kool-Aid} but am anxious to try it none the less! 

June 25, 2013

Warby Parker NEW Collection Launching TODAY!

 photo e149285f-2c30-4e06-b857-cc57057b99dd.jpg

Warby Parker, online optical shop, is launching it's new Meridian sunglass collection today. This amazing 3 piece collection was inspired and named after faved renegade writers, Fredrick Exley, Ellen Raskin, and Flannery O'Connor. Love the two finishes: polished gold and jet silver. BTW...aviators look awesome on every face shape. 

As an Optometrist, I'm well aware of the millions of underprivileged people that need glasses but do not have access to them or even adequate medical care. Warby Parker recognizes this and for every pair sold, a pair is donated through their work with various non-profits. Can't get much better than that. Be the cool kid and get a pair before any of your friends...

June 24, 2013


 photo 5a0b81c6-f92e-484c-a4da-cc6005679950.jpg

Vegas Baby! My BFF is heading to Vegas in early July for a weekend with the hubs. She called on me to help her pack, but she's got such great style that I was the one who was inspired! The Zara asymmetric skort {yes, I said skort} will definitely elevate her nighttime look. I loved it so much, I bought it in black! Selena Gomez is showing off these layered hoop earrings on the July cover of People StyleWatch. They are a great take on the beloved classic hoops and only $22! I think I've seen Carrie's bare nails maybe once or twice in our 20+ year friendship. She always experiments with the latest nail colors and she's loving this bright blue from Essie. Sexy poolside attire is a must in Vegas so Carrie picked this L Space mix and match bikini from Free People and of course she'll be sipping on something stylish. Mojitos are her latest fave. I'm a Ray Bay girl through and through but Carrie turned me on to these Westward Leaning sunnies. Love the pop of turquoise! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I'll be hearing all the scoop about this trip 'cause that's what girlfriends do...

June 18, 2013

Think You Can Do....A Denim Vest?

 photo 3144e5f1-8985-45e8-9d0e-f60405450437.jpg

 photo 3edb3445-486b-4f56-abab-a12c111c9bdd.jpg

 photo 9ee86e6c-e2d2-4087-8b8b-b735d19bffdc.jpg

 photo bea0b6b4-bbb7-4618-96ed-bc78832ff913.jpg
Photos//Carrie Eisenhart 

{vest: Target, dress: HM, love, love, sandals: Sam Edelman, cuff: S&D, ring: eyeglasses ring: ModCloth}

I couldn't wait to throw this denim vest over a long maxi dress. It's the best combo of flowy edge. Do I love having a flowy edge? No, not really, now that you mention it. I much prefer just the flowy side of things. I guess that's why this vest is from Target and not somewhere much more expensive. I knew it wouldn't get a ton of use but I still like the idea of it. The $29.95 idea of it...

Do you have a flowy or edgy personality? Comment below! 

June 14, 2013

Splurge vs Steal

 photo rings.png

I've been eyeing a lot of knuckle rings lately. They are all over the blogging world and I have to say, I'm a big fan. I love the dainty and delicate designs. Today I noticed Caitlin from A Little Dash of Darling flashing the Catbird rings and they reminded me of the steal I got on Etsy from Jenn at RawEarthStudio. Gold versus brass but still a deal none the less. Both are adorable. Wear one on each like Caitlin did here or mix in some color like my ring from Modcloth seen here.

I loved my friend Lisa's FB post today..."Do I see a little sun? or is the world coming to an end?" It's been brutal with all the rain but hopefully the sunshine is here to stay! Have a wonderful weekend!

June 13, 2013

Leopard Pants...Then and Now

 photo d01d1a59-965e-4a25-8d6f-73659d547724.jpg

{before: a little too baggy, a little too boot cut, a little too 90's}

 photo e2a1e735-cd2d-4c5f-8deb-dea704c76a97.jpg

{after: slim, cropped and updated}

 photo d015e147-9def-40e1-aa5e-4d25bcfd6b53.jpg

 photo 9c88ec22-3b79-44a8-9ffb-12d2c6bb3889.jpg

 photo e4b9d552-98e2-4abf-9a37-6df5856bdefb.jpg

 photo 917d8588-01a0-45e7-ad44-c09fd1043972.jpg
{pants: XOXO from the 90s!, top: old navy, shoes: sam edelman, rings: mod cloth, s&d, necklaces: target, s&d}

Throughout this whole moving thing, I've vowed to be more organized. I would love to move into a new house with a clean start. AKA, no useless items allowed. Unfortunately I'm genetically predisposed to clutter. {thanks Mom} and I have a hard time purging. I came across two bins of clothes the other day. One had 60 sorority date night t-shirts and the other contained a jackpot. I'm talkin' Powerball jackpot. In that golden bin of treasures was a.leather pants b.pleather pants c.leopard pants and d.denim overalls. I couldn't believe I actually had the sense to continue to carry these items throughout the dozens of moves I've made since the 90s. But I guess if I still have my monchichi doll from 1981, it really shouldn't come as a surprise after all. 

So the pleather pants should probably be reserved for when my 1 year old niece needs to go to a "90's" party in 19 years. The leather pants felt like I had steel legs so not sure what to do with all that uncomfortableness. The overalls will be back {they are already making a scene, and I have to admit I'm loving them like here} and the leopard pants were almost there. They needed a little tlc so of course I called on Fatima from Thimble Tailoring. She had some enthusiasm so I took a leap of faith because that's what you do with Fatima. I have to say mission accomplished! She turned the baggy boot-cuts into slim, cropped beauties ready to be worn again. 

Moral of the blog post: Hold on to a few super trendy pieces. They'll be back in style someday. I promise. 

June 10, 2013

Lacy Underthings

 photo 1ce362e5-041c-4657-a258-c289667ebe7d.jpg

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I'd like to wear tops that are a little bit sheery but every time I put one on and see a thick beige bra strap poking through, I get disgusted and the top ends up in a ball on my floor. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but most of my intimates are beige and boring. There is no time in my morning routine to search for a matching bra and underwear set with lace and frills and pretty polka dots. Much to my husband's dismay, this is a priority that is non-existant at the moment. However, I did finally realize a cute lacy under thing would be the perfect pop of color if it happened to peek out. I went on a search and found a ton of options at all different price points. And even though we are on a "new house budget" my husband gave me the go ahead to spend away. {hmm...} I picked up the honeydew aqua and pink one at a fantastic local boutique, Devil May Care and hot pink number at aerie. They're comfortable, cute and I may even prefer a strap showing here and there.

June 7, 2013


 photo c8658752-6dc5-4285-9064-d83956fdb183.jpg

1. I wasn't sure how I felt about Toms until I saw my friend with these sparklers on at a cookout. They caught my eye and I love the idea of wearing them in summer when my toes are in need of a pedi! 
2. I don't know why it's almost Summer and all I've been loving are jeans, scarves and now this Vintage Havana sweater. But I can explain...It's so soft that I pictured wearing it after the sun goes down over my bikini while on a boat sipping a margarita. 
3. This Philip B. finishing creme is just the product to run through my roots to my tips after styling to give me that slightly crazy curl-beach look. 
4. Speaking of that beach look, how about Bumble and Bumble extending their Surf collection to shampoo and conditioner. I'm stoked. 
5. A month later, another sunscreen product. This L'Oreal one has popped up in just about every June magazine so I had to try it. It feels so wrong to be slathering oil on before going out in the sun but I'm just gonna go with it.  
6. Do you need to know that I had this dip at a friend's house, made it three days later for my own birthday party and then finished it off with a spoon the following day for lunch? If you're trying to resolve conflict, make this and all your problems will be solved. No one can hate you after eating this. No one. 
7. My fingers are the size of toothpicks so it's really hard to find rings that fit. This Stella & Dot secret garden ring comes in S/M and M/L and it's adjustable. Bing-o!
8. I need a bar cart for my soon to be dining room because it sits about 50 and I think I can just roll this from one room to the other with a push. Laziness thankfully not avoided. 
9. This neon pinky coral is the first gel polish I bought after getting my new Red Carpet Manicure set. I haven't stopped picking at it since. 
10. Tenth season. The only show I'm watching right now. It has nothing to do with the fact I'm living with Ma that only gets basic cable. Gasp! I know, it's torture. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

June 5, 2013

Think You Can Do...White Pumps?

 photo 30a5808d-7f2d-4fbc-8148-474cd60e8943.jpg

 photo 9c3f0859-0885-4d5e-a1ac-86fafd415a18.jpg

 photo 12de075b-ca66-4bc4-bace-7ac6c507a0da.jpg

 photo 50c606f5-4527-4fa9-a0d8-75b9931c88d4.jpg

 photo 3cbc392c-4a5c-4e25-a7ba-2ef023dc7c29.jpg
{Blazer: F21, Jeans: Gap, Scarf: Gap, Heels: Kohls, Fan Fringe Necklace: J.Crew, Watch: Timex by J.Crew, watch band, Necklace: BR, love, love

White pumps folks. It's true. I'm wearing them and let me be clear, I'm not the first to be bringing them back. I've had these darlings for awhile now (not since the actual 80's but it certainly feels like it) and every time I slip them on I feel like a I should be in an old school hair band video. And so off they go to hide in the back of the closet. Until today. Feeling a little bit daring and maybe my hair was a little bit wild, today they were worn. Even if it's just for this post. Anyone size 7 looking for white pumps? Call me...

On a different note, I was in LOVE with these geo print skinny jeans from Gap. They are so fun, different yet a great neutral to wear with a bright pop of color on top. Figures that summer's coming and my latest purchase is a pair of jeans and sunwashed infinity scarf. But because I'm a little smarter than most, I knew it would be cold again in Rochester. I was right and so today is my 80's hair band chilly summerish outfit for your liking. 

How the celebs wear WHITE pumps
 photo c2017b7c-38d1-4cdc-ac31-f44b4d82b280.jpg
{photo via PeopleStyleWatch}

So tell me...What's your take on white pumps?

June 3, 2013

Kate Upton: Bronzed Beauty

 photo 2d476243-e74c-44fd-924b-89de06a535ea.jpg

 photo 85a7d179-e19e-4a20-9ea9-5505a82dc6df.jpg

Is it just me or are you obsessed with Kate Upton's June Vogue cover too? Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but she embodies an all-American girl living a healthy lifestyle.  The girl's got boobs and she's not afraid to show 'em! Check out her Sports Illustrated cover if you don't believe me. In the Vogue article, she said she got a lot of criticism for the SI cover and it started the age old controversy on if she was too "fat". {get over it people, so bored with that} I think her look is classic and sexy and from the article she seems like she's got the confidence to go with it. As women, we tend to be so self critical of our body image. It's great to see someone who has curves and loves them!

Not only am I obsessed with Kate, but with this beauty look. I love that bronzed glow that reminds me of vacation and the beach. Since there are no vacays in my future, I'll fake it with the plethora of products out there. I'm stalking this Laura Mercier coral bronze duo and would recommend using a kabuki brush for application. It applies the powder more evenly so you don't look streaky. Due for a new gloss, I can't wait to check out the Bobbi Brown limited edition glosses from the nude beach collection. 

Check out below for some of my other fav bronzed looks! 

Bronzed Beauties {images via Pinterest}

 photo 1604484d-8c12-4fe9-abfa-eef956b3b4c8.jpg

 photo 257ce983-de7c-49cf-baf2-a5c7ee089c00.jpg

June 1, 2013

You Say It's Your Birthday...

 photo 5498b426-b6c1-4d6e-b3dc-5279176e0a70.jpg

So I'm not usually one who likes surprises but the one I got last weekend for an early birthday gift was one too great not to share! Follow me if you will for a little backstory...I was searching for my packed summer clothes when I came across a picture of me and 3 of my best friends celebrating my 21st birthday. {Exhibit A: above picture}It brought back a ton of memories so I held on to it, excited to show Carrie and Sarah at dinner the following Saturday night. I thought it would be hilarious to recreate our ridiculous faces but was sad that Erin {cute dark pixie cut} wouldn't be in the picture. I thought of holding up a picture of her face in the new one and then I thought of how much I missed her now that she lives in Charlotte.

Fast forward to 4 days later...I walk into the restaurant to see Sarah, Carrie and ERIN sitting at the table. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I couldn't believe little Erin was home!  It was such an overwhelming feeling to have the four of us celebrating together {and boy did we celebrate}. When you have friendships that span decades, these people are no longer just friends, but family. Cherish your friends&family because they really are a gift! 

 photo 553c89f9-a176-4dd6-abbe-6287638265d0.jpg

 photo f22767f1-cc3a-43d3-828f-cbe9335743a3.jpg

 photo 0b6c5f40-12f6-4e72-96d0-7d1934ecf23b.jpg
{high rollers...look at all those ones. HA!} photo 264e1bc7-9665-449d-b6aa-faedf1f01c10.jpg
{Always up for a good action shot in the middle of a parking lot} 

 photo cfa1b91f-46aa-4c8f-ac37-bb7887033f2e.jpg

 photo 2975fdd6-7ee1-4fe9-98dd-fd0929faa725.jpg
{for my fellow bloggers looking for a new pose}

Have a fantastic weekend!