The Fluff Report: Think You Can Do...Printed Shorts?

May 21, 2013

Think You Can Do...Printed Shorts?

 photo 573a9e72-11c2-4d26-aa81-2056748f38bc.jpg
 photo 8b116547-6873-48d5-9bf5-0ac416128e43.jpg
Geo: 1:2
Floral: 1:2
Dot: 1:2
Lace: 1:2
Animal: 1:2
Tribal: 1:2

When you are moving your husband and kids in with your Mom and you can't find any of your summer clothes, what's a lady to do? Have a major meltdown and then shop. On my radar are some cute printed shorts. I see heels or gladiators for fancy or casual. You must be living in a box if you can't find some occasion to adorn these. Oh and speaking of boxes...must find box packed with razor and shaving cream before dolling up in cute printed shorts...


  1. OH I love that last pair and that white lace pair and really all the others are pretty great too!

  2. Ahhhh, this is honestly one of my favorite trends and I feel like I could wear a different pair every single day of Summer! (Every one else would get sick of it, but not me!) :)

    And can we please talk about your hair in the maxi-dress post from the other day? The CUTEST style and totally makes me want to chop mine!!!


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