The Fluff Report: Pattern Play: Geometric+Polka Dots

May 9, 2013

Pattern Play: Geometric+Polka Dots

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{Shirt: Gap, love, love, Pants: Banana, Shoes: Guess(borrowed), love, Sunnies: RayBan, Watch: Fossil, Earrings: Peppermint, rings: vintage}

I always think it's a gamble to mix prints. People either get it or they think you're slightly weird. These crisp, geometric print pants inspired me to take a crack at it. When I spotted them in the store, they were the last pair hanging, hiding behind a completely unrelated rack of something else. And they were my size. How often does that happen? Basically never. Oh and they were 30% off. Cha-ching! 

So here is my problem. I am an Optometrist that diagnosis color vision problems. Little known eye doc fact: there is no blue-black color deficiency. {it's either green-red or blue-yellow}. So why can I NEVER distinguish black from navy? Case in point: this post...My top is navy and the pants were "black print"according to Banana Republic. I mean, I wish I had known this! It's much easier to pair black and white pants with the shoes in my closet. Good thing I had friend Janet on hand to lend me these adorable patent pink cork wedges. 

So tell me, do you get me when I say I'm navy-black deficient or am I just slightly weird? 

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