The Fluff Report: Chop It Off: Going Short for Spring & Summer

May 6, 2013

Chop It Off: Going Short for Spring & Summer

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When I was {ahem} younger, I had no fear with my hair. Short, long, blonde, brunette, bangs...I'd try anything.  But after seeing a picture of me shortly after the birth of my second son, I vowed never to have short hair again. And so it grew..and grew...and grew until one day when I'm putting together a celebrity inspiration blog post,  I get the urge to cut it off. I sat down at the computer and {gotta love Pinterest}, found some great inspiration. 

I consulted my friend and stylist, Jason at Scott Miller salon and asked him if I should go for it, to which he responded...Yes, that would be amazing!! Sold. Three days later we said farewell to 4 inches. This may sound totally corny but I actually felt lighter and more free. It was a perfect change and one that brought back memories of when I was daring and impulsive with my style. So if you are even slightly thinking of making a change, I vote YES! 

Always a fan of Bumble and Bumble products, Jason used the BB prep to get my hair ready for some serious styling. He then used the full foam mousse before blow drying and gave me a little tutorial on the surf spray that I had but never really used. Straight or curled, he gave me some options on how to style my new 'do. The results have been great so far and everyone wants to know what my husband thinks...

p.s. he likes it 

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