The Fluff Report: Celebrity Inspiration: Michelle Williams

May 1, 2013

Celebrity Inspiration: Michelle Williams

 photo 6408ce3e-795e-4546-8915-469e9da9a7a6.jpg

Top Row: Blazer//Top//Shorts
Middle Row: Blazer//Top//Shorts
Bottom Row: Blazer//Top//Shorts

I absolutely love this outfit Michelle Williams is wearing. Shorts and a blazer are a great pair to achieve the sexy yet classy combo. 2 bangs for your buck. The black and white color palette is right on trend this season and I love how she lets the look speak for itself without the need to accessorize. Sometimes less is more. Unless you're talking about bags and lipsticks. Then more is more, more or less. And speaking of less, I want to chop off my hair after seeing Michelle in this photo. She makes it look so effortless and sexy with still a little edge. Perhaps her flawless face has something to do with it as well. We'll see. I'm known to be impulsive so stay tuned for that one. 


  1. Great outfit and I actually like all of the blazers you picked out better than the one Michelle is wearing. You have a good eye!
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  2. She is such a classic! I love that blazer and I love the outfits you picked out!


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