The Fluff Report: May 2013

May 28, 2013

 photo 6e7a04c2-9237-48b0-86ea-c9c7d04cc3dc.jpg

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I got an early birthday surprise on Saturday night! I hate to keep you in suspense but I can't reveal just yet. More details will come in a later post so stay tuned! 

Where do you usually get your style inspiration from? I love reading magazines and blogs but so many of my ideas come from my friends. My BFF, Carrie, has amazing style and I always love visiting her closet. {Mainly because it's the size of a small house and I could spend hours shopping in there} She gives me so many ideas that I thought I'd dedicate this post to her and what she's loving this month. These denim jeans looked so adorable and SLIM-MING!! With a pop of color tank, I was loving this outfit she wore. The NG necklace seen on celebs like Jessica Alba looked great with a S*G {for Sadie and my Godson, Gavin}. I loved her Pink and Pepper camel sandals so much that I went out and got a similar pair. They just seem to go with any outfit. The teal color on her lids this past weekend definitely made a statement, in a good way! 

Sorry I've been a little MIA in my posts. We moved out of our house, into my Mom's and bought another house all in the past week. It's been busy and crazy, but exciting too. Enjoy the short week! 

May 21, 2013

Think You Can Do...Printed Shorts?

 photo 573a9e72-11c2-4d26-aa81-2056748f38bc.jpg
 photo 8b116547-6873-48d5-9bf5-0ac416128e43.jpg
Geo: 1:2
Floral: 1:2
Dot: 1:2
Lace: 1:2
Animal: 1:2
Tribal: 1:2

When you are moving your husband and kids in with your Mom and you can't find any of your summer clothes, what's a lady to do? Have a major meltdown and then shop. On my radar are some cute printed shorts. I see heels or gladiators for fancy or casual. You must be living in a box if you can't find some occasion to adorn these. Oh and speaking of boxes...must find box packed with razor and shaving cream before dolling up in cute printed shorts...

May 16, 2013

Fashion to the Maxi

 photo 42c80ff3-e6a0-4e1d-b9bd-2198ceaa8b0c.jpg

 photo 3b8359bf-6df8-4f8b-8057-c0e42cbc402a.jpg

 photo a59a1431-5b72-4f26-8f2e-88651ebe4485.jpg

 photo 000a55aa-7ac5-4db1-899e-4c60953cad1b.jpg

 photo b0fcb3a6-9d3b-4ede-8242-5ca2f7072b31.jpg

 photo 5e61259d-99da-4185-912f-78a04f9063ed.jpg
{dress/earrings: Peppermint, purse: Limited, Shoes: NineWest, rings/bracelet: vintage} photo d443031e-a916-4e08-b15a-59591accc3a3.jpg

Last night was the Dado Boutique fashion show in Rochester. Always a fun night, my girls and I don't need much of an excuse to get dolled up for dinner, drinks and fashion. Benefitting our local Wilmot Cancer Center, it was amazing to have fashion designer, Carmen Marc Valvo speak about his experience with cancer. 

I had to wear my new maxi dress to the show. I love the soft and hard combo between the blush color and lace detail with the geometric print and sharp triangle earrings.  Bright lips are a big trend {and I LOVE them} but I went for a beachy glow with my new Tarte smolderEYES in bronze. Wondering what else is in style? Look no further than my crew. Florals, brights, peplum and statement necklaces, I think we've got it covered. 

May 13, 2013


 photo e663d4d5-8370-4ceb-8765-7e8d6c2c8c72.jpg

1. Neon shorts from J.Crew are fun and flattering for a tan set of gams
2. I love the combo of silver, rose gold and navy in the classic Michael Kors Bradshaw design. 
3. Loved watching The Zoe Project and seeing that chevron floor in Rachel's new DryBar
4. Hourglass makes one of my favorite primers. It feels like powder when you apply.
5. I never used to go a day without washing because my hair would be greasy if I did. With Bamboo Cleanse Extend, no grease! 
6. I hate the feel of most sunscreens but with Bare Minerals powder, all you need is a light dusting to protect your skin. 
7. I can't wait to take my Grandpa's old chair and transform it into something modern. Rachel from RachelClark Designs will help me do it. 
8. This was my inspiration picture when cutting off 4 inches two weeks ago. 
9. I've been seeing lots of state themed accessories. This tee benefits the Multiple Sclerosis society and I like how dainty NY looks on a chain. 
10. Maybe I need more sunshine but I've been loving the look of a bronze-y glow. Laura Mercier caviar stick in sugar frost and Bobbi Brown's Face and Body bronzing duo

May 9, 2013

Pattern Play: Geometric+Polka Dots

 photo IMG_1892.jpg

 photo 672b83c5-d069-4df7-a735-3b8d82802dad.jpg

 photo IMG_1933.jpg

 photo IMG_1915.jpg

 photo 875c7a8c-330c-4255-ae6b-a30212014011.jpg

{Shirt: Gap, love, love, Pants: Banana, Shoes: Guess(borrowed), love, Sunnies: RayBan, Watch: Fossil, Earrings: Peppermint, rings: vintage}

I always think it's a gamble to mix prints. People either get it or they think you're slightly weird. These crisp, geometric print pants inspired me to take a crack at it. When I spotted them in the store, they were the last pair hanging, hiding behind a completely unrelated rack of something else. And they were my size. How often does that happen? Basically never. Oh and they were 30% off. Cha-ching! 

So here is my problem. I am an Optometrist that diagnosis color vision problems. Little known eye doc fact: there is no blue-black color deficiency. {it's either green-red or blue-yellow}. So why can I NEVER distinguish black from navy? Case in point: this post...My top is navy and the pants were "black print"according to Banana Republic. I mean, I wish I had known this! It's much easier to pair black and white pants with the shoes in my closet. Good thing I had friend Janet on hand to lend me these adorable patent pink cork wedges. 

So tell me, do you get me when I say I'm navy-black deficient or am I just slightly weird? 

May 8, 2013

Celeb Inspiration in Real Life

 photo af9d9513-902c-433c-9605-21fe170ee77b.jpg

 photo 0aa7e884-1087-4ded-ad7a-c8489cd0aaa2.jpg

 photo e710837b-5723-4aef-bdf5-278db724d48a.jpg

 photo fc6255e8-57ae-4fdf-aeac-5122882b1b22.jpg

 photo 3a907fae-c517-45f3-aa63-551243cf08f4.jpg

Remember last week when I created a style inspiration post about actress Michelle Williams? After putting it together I realized that I had a great version of that outfit in my closet. The shirt and shorts are old and the blazer new. Voila! An entire new ensemble. Take a peek in your closet and see what you can mix and match. Pair new pieces with old to make a look current. It's sometimes intimidating to see celebrities in magazines and on the red carpet because you think you could never afford what they wear. My advice is to break down the outfit and I bet you'd notice that their style is very attainable! Check out that previous post for more ideas on how to pair black, white and shorts. 

May 6, 2013

Chop It Off: Going Short for Spring & Summer

 photo 44abbadf-00a1-4a81-bf1e-b27b57fde611.jpg

 photo f14c9539-af56-4815-9110-c11790eafcfb.jpg

 photo 15246c5a-d27f-48f9-bcf8-f26fa4be963a.jpg

 photo 85f3fbdd-91f7-4238-b5ca-8e8c826092a1.jpg

 photo e743475a-1d92-4c6d-934d-60369a6eb618.jpg

When I was {ahem} younger, I had no fear with my hair. Short, long, blonde, brunette, bangs...I'd try anything.  But after seeing a picture of me shortly after the birth of my second son, I vowed never to have short hair again. And so it grew..and grew...and grew until one day when I'm putting together a celebrity inspiration blog post,  I get the urge to cut it off. I sat down at the computer and {gotta love Pinterest}, found some great inspiration. 

I consulted my friend and stylist, Jason at Scott Miller salon and asked him if I should go for it, to which he responded...Yes, that would be amazing!! Sold. Three days later we said farewell to 4 inches. This may sound totally corny but I actually felt lighter and more free. It was a perfect change and one that brought back memories of when I was daring and impulsive with my style. So if you are even slightly thinking of making a change, I vote YES! 

Always a fan of Bumble and Bumble products, Jason used the BB prep to get my hair ready for some serious styling. He then used the full foam mousse before blow drying and gave me a little tutorial on the surf spray that I had but never really used. Straight or curled, he gave me some options on how to style my new 'do. The results have been great so far and everyone wants to know what my husband thinks...

p.s. he likes it 

May 1, 2013

Celebrity Inspiration: Michelle Williams

 photo 6408ce3e-795e-4546-8915-469e9da9a7a6.jpg

Top Row: Blazer//Top//Shorts
Middle Row: Blazer//Top//Shorts
Bottom Row: Blazer//Top//Shorts

I absolutely love this outfit Michelle Williams is wearing. Shorts and a blazer are a great pair to achieve the sexy yet classy combo. 2 bangs for your buck. The black and white color palette is right on trend this season and I love how she lets the look speak for itself without the need to accessorize. Sometimes less is more. Unless you're talking about bags and lipsticks. Then more is more, more or less. And speaking of less, I want to chop off my hair after seeing Michelle in this photo. She makes it look so effortless and sexy with still a little edge. Perhaps her flawless face has something to do with it as well. We'll see. I'm known to be impulsive so stay tuned for that one.