The Fluff Report: Get Some Curls, Girls!

April 24, 2013

Get Some Curls, Girls!

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Hi. My name's Becky. And I'm a curl-aholic. Loose waves, spirals, crimpy beach twists. I'm not biased,  I love them all. I've tucked my flat iron away and committed myself to waves of all shapes and sizes. These curls are so easy to achieve. All you need is the right styling products, 15 minutes and don't forget the black glove when using the wand. When I first saw this thing, I thought there is no way I'm wearing that. Until of course my first burn, which convinced me to rock the glove like Michael Jackson. Rendition of Pretty Young Thing included...

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  1. Love the glove! Been wanting to try the spiral - also been wanting 15 min to do my hair - figure I'm about two years out lol - Once Coop is in preschool - bring on the curls! ha!


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