The Fluff Report: April 2013

April 29, 2013

How Essential Oils Helped Me Run a Half Marathon

About a year ago, I ran a 5 mile race...sick. I was hopped up on Mucinex and Sudafed and felt D-Lirious throughout the entire race. Fast forward to yesterday, Rochester's Flower City marathon. I had trained for 2 1/2 months and last week I got the worst head cold. I could hardly function, let alone run. I wasn't about to fill myself up with OTC meds only to find myself in the same predicament I was in last year. The lightbulb went off and I called on my friend Cindy Coons, licensed massage therapist and doTerra product consultant. 

You're wondering what doTerra is, right? doTerra is a company that provides essential oils through the web and product consultants. They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, meaning they use the highest standards for obtaining the oil in it's purest form. Essential oils can be used for so many uses, one of which is therapeutic. Desperate, I asked if Cindy had anything she could whip together for me. And she did...

My goodie bag included: 

 photo a3e66a9d-590e-485b-8ac0-f0a649ef73e8.jpg

1. Lemon Oil: I added a few drop of this oil to my water. It helps to flush out the system. 

2. Peppermint Oil: I placed a few drops on my palm, rubbed it in with my thumb and then pressed my thumb to the roof of my mouth. I then slowly, deeply inhaled into my hands. Yes, my sinuses were very clear after that one! 

3. Deep Blue Rub: a blend of EO in a cream form. Think of a natural Ben Gay. I rubbed this on my knee before the race and had no pain for 13.1 miles! 

4. Breathe Respiratory Blend: I applied to my chest all week and then day of race. Additional tip: I rubbed it on my feet and then put socks on before bed. We all know how much I love to wear socks to bed, so this was an easy one. It helps open up the respiratory system and boost the immune system. 

5. The Whammy: Flu-Cold Bomb: Lemon+Oregano+Melaleuca+On Guard: This mix was placed in a gel cap and ingested like you would take a pill. The natural anti-biotic! 

So I would have to say that going the au natural route felt great. Personally, I'd like to explore more natural products and ingredients, not only for me but for my children as well. As always, I recommend speaking to a personal consultant if you're interested in learning more. Feel free to contact Cindy here or visit her website

PS...My goal was to beat the 2 hour mark and I made it in 1:55! 
PPS...walking is not my favorite thing to do right now. 

April 26, 2013

Ready to Run

 photo 7929ee3c-23c5-4217-95e8-8a15428e9883.jpg

This Sunday is Rochester's Flower City Half Marathon. It will be my third try at a half, first time with this course. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and I can't wait to run through the beautiful streets of historic Rochester. Unfortunately, I've had the worst head cold and couldn't run at all this week. {Not the best with my timing} I've been using some natural, essential oils to feel better quick. Future blog post a'comin' on that one. 

So here's what will be in my bag of tricks for Sunday. Hoping to beat the 2 hour mark. Will let you lovelies know on Monday! Have a great weekend! 

April 24, 2013

Get Some Curls, Girls!

 photo 4497d063-8a0c-4cc1-a210-8bfa39ed6603.jpg
Styling Tools: 1//2//3
Products: 1//2//3

Hi. My name's Becky. And I'm a curl-aholic. Loose waves, spirals, crimpy beach twists. I'm not biased,  I love them all. I've tucked my flat iron away and committed myself to waves of all shapes and sizes. These curls are so easy to achieve. All you need is the right styling products, 15 minutes and don't forget the black glove when using the wand. When I first saw this thing, I thought there is no way I'm wearing that. Until of course my first burn, which convinced me to rock the glove like Michael Jackson. Rendition of Pretty Young Thing included...

April 22, 2013

Time to Talk Back

 photo 5fee9a1d-8cb3-4742-8c49-95eaf9516593.jpg

The girls are takin' over radio! I'm so excited to announce my latest collaboration. Starting today, you'll be able to hear my high pitched voice on the airwaves. Every Monday I'll be the fashion and beauty consultant on Talking Back with Shannon Joy. Never before has there been a radio talk show geared just for women. And let's be honest, us ladies like to talk! Shannon tackles everyday issues that surround us all, whether it be juggling careers, family and marriage or more politically charged topics that quite frankly I know nothing about. So if you're free 12-1, I'd love for you to listen. If you aren't local, no worries...listen online at Download the podcasts here: in case you need to catch it later. Please let me know what you think! 

April 17, 2013

Neon, Chambray & Camo...Oh My!

 photo e8194798-1d5b-4824-86f6-b3bc2030917c.jpg

 photo 7f6b6481-44f8-4926-b531-1b0bc0dd424b.jpg

 photo 3ff38172-29cb-44c8-be37-22cbb7945f60.jpg

 photo 2ba1f16e-3e9e-493d-816b-c14f41f410f7.jpg

 photo d34001c1-6829-42af-97d9-f549cc4a4279.jpg
Photos//Carrie Eisenhart

{Shirt:Madewell,Shorts(neon peach):J.Crew,Camo Flats:Target, Necklace:J.Crew,Bag:Rosanna Inc}

Just about everyone I know has recently returned from some warm weather destination and they probably have much more justification for wearing shorts than I do. But give me a sunny, cloudless blue sky and I couldn't help myself. Plus I ran 11 miles in the morning and felt I could get away with anything I wanted the rest of the day. Bag of Easter M&Ms included. 

Finding different places to take outfit pics is always a challenge but I never thought when Carrie suggested I climb into the hollowed tree trunk, it would make a great back drop. And I might beg, borrow and steal this J.Crew fan fringe necklace of hers I'm wearing. What are friends for, right? 

April 15, 2013

Spring Shades

 photo 1497afc5-8e86-4b4b-9f6b-39afbcc048ac.jpg
Cat Eye: 1//2//3
Aviator: 1//2//3
Over Sized: 1//2//3

You could say I'm a little bit of a sunglass snob. I guess it's more of an occupational hazard. Being an Optometrist, I preach the benefits of UV protection and sing the praises of polarized lenses. Polarized lenses reduce the elimination of light reflecting off a surface, aka reduce glare and improve image quality. You would think I'd have a sunglasses collection that rivals Rachel Zoe's maxi dresses in my line of work, but I'd much rather have one great pair of polarized sunnies that gives my eyes the greatest protection and best vision. Hey~a girl can still look, so I compiled a few of my favorite frames for all face shapes for you to admire. 

April 12, 2013

Trend Alert: Pajama Pants

 photo 4ab7dc33-f3e6-4af1-b112-f7ac474b0f30.jpg

 photo edf5ec0e-6c60-4476-b204-8e9ab859b56e.jpg

 photo 164e8013-81aa-4a76-b074-57e18dd1a89c.jpg

 photo cc95a961-e3dd-43b0-971c-2503ebaa182d.jpg
{pants: Anthropologie, shirt: J.Crew, belt: Anthropologie, clutch: Anthropologie, shoes: NW, necklaces: Factory(bubble)/BR(chain), similar, watch/bracelets: J.Crew}

The first thing I do when I get home is change into comfy pants. These pants are usually soft, worn and plaid flannel, aka my pajama pants. So naturally I love the idea of wearing relaxed, printed pants during the day. This print is slightly understated (if printed pants can be understated)  and I love the classic look a crisp white button down can bring to any outfit. These pants could almost be my new comfy home pants but then you wouldn't get to see them again. and I couldn't do that to you. Hey~I'm a giver, what can I say...


April 10, 2013


 photo TFRMayObsessions.png

1. The Archer sandal from DV. It comes in so many color & pattern combos. Might want to pick up more than one. 
2. This 24K gold pomade from Oribe gives a golden shine to your locks. The slightly higher price tag will be worth the sheen and shimmer you get. Perfect for a night out! 
3. Get runway rosey cheeks with Smashbox's Halo blush in Peachy Dream. It gives such a warm glow. Apply to apples. 
4. Having just sold my house, I want to change up my decorating with fun pillows in my next home. I love the look of burlap to give a country cool vibe. 
5. Essie's new resort collection is bright, cheery and makes me want to go on vacation. 
6. I'm loving that the messy bun is still adorned. It fancifies my look on those days when I have to run errands sans shower. 
7. You'll probably see more than one post from me sporting an all white neutral look this spring/summer. I've specifically looked for a white perforated bag and finally found the perfect one with BR's Gia
8. With all my gabbing and Temple Run playing boys, it's nice to have iphone battery back-up. And the cute print doesn't hurt either. 
9. FINALLY! After I've been made fun of for wearing my headphones that came with the Sony Discman for all these years, I finally found a pair of ear buds that won't fall out of my microscopic ears. Run, don't walk to pick these up! 
10. Little known fact about yours truely, I have a very sensitive gag reflux. Energy gel is a big no-no for me. I was so excited to find these Waffles from Honey Stinger. They taste great and give me the burst of energy I need for running long distances. 

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did creating it! Look for my fashion, beauty and lifestyle obsessions every month. Have something you're obsessed with? Let me know and I'll try and include it! 

April 8, 2013

Fluff Color Combo: Cobalt & Mint

 photo 22a58213-6ba9-454d-b655-f4211425ac67.jpg

 photo d0e4883d-b2cb-44de-a344-008810019322.jpg

 photo cdbdc486-92be-4e00-84e0-6e4dddc124f8.jpg
{pants: F21, tank: A-Thread, heels: BCBG, similar, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, jewelry: stella&dot, J.crew cuff, simi}

Brights are "in", Pastels are "in", colorblocking's "in". Sometimes I wonder what is actually "out" of style. Combining trends can be intimidating but it's possible to do in a tasteful way.  These pants were found based on my earlier celeb inspired post on Jessica Biel. Knowing I was looking for a bright color, I knew I wouldn't wear them often so I didn't want to spend my kid's Easter fund on them. The cobalt jazzies were only 15 dollars courtesy of Forever21.   

My friend turned me on to an online store called A-Thread. The silk pocket tank is a one size fits all which I was skeptical about at first but love the blousy fit and can't wait to get the coral color. A unique thing about A-Thread is that 5% of all purchases go towards one of their charity partners. You pick the charity at check-out. Shopping for a cause! As if I needed more of a reason...

April 3, 2013

Neutral Blazer with a Pop of Florals

 photo 2142db9c-9d4d-48a3-b94c-0c9b94abfb4c.jpg

 photo d4b6e8eb-5424-47f6-8a83-b6d638acd695.jpg

 photo 36ecc681-ee3a-4448-8d59-995054209075.jpg

 photo f4f321ba-a0f2-4420-893a-f1b782479a04.jpg

 photo 09d3ebfc-293d-4fb2-b9c8-fca27743055b.jpg

 photo 389130e1-daf1-480a-8df1-5e61722dc645.jpg
{dress: ASOS, Blazer: F21, Shoes: NW, Earrings: Target, Sunnies: RB, ring: vintage, watch: Fossil, bangle: J.Crew}

If you predicted long ago that in the year 2013 I'd be wearing a white blazer, Don Johnson-Miami Vice style, I would have thought you were a nut. Fast forward to this day in 2013 and here I am donning said blazer. This version is much more polished and tailored though. White is a big trend for Spring (it is Spring, right?). I can't wait to rock an all over neutral look, but today the sun was shining so I couldn't resist pairing it with another happening trend: florals. 
What I didn't realize about this dress is that the top buttons to the skirt, therefore making it removable. I thought, "Bonus, 3 outfits in one! dress, skirt and cropped top." And then I tried the top on and the stomach between the bottom of the shirt and the top of my pants was not a pretty site. So then I thought, "Bonus, 2 outfits in one!" Sometimes it's better not to push the envelope too far.  

Who looks better? Sonny, Tubbs or Me? You can be honest. I won't care...

April 1, 2013

Colorblocking with Clutches

 photo a866a50f-243c-41fe-885c-a12649d922fa.jpg

Top: DKNY/Gap/J.CrewFactory
Bottom: Coach/Vince Camuto/Intermix

If you want an easy way to try a trend without going overboard, experiment with a fun clutch. The colorblocking trend has been around for years now and is still showing up on the runways. 

If you want an easy way to get annoyed at tv, watch The Client List. What is this show that I'm watching right now? Where is the Sarah Reeves from Party of Five that I remember and loved? I think I'd rather be watching Extreme Couponing. At least I'd learn a thing or two besides what sloshing is.  {don't ask or google. gross.} 

So while we're talking easy, I'd say stick to colorblocking versus The Client List. You'll be a much happier person.