The Fluff Report: Vacay Anyone?

March 22, 2013

Vacay Anyone?

sporty cool: hat, bikini, cover-up, flops
tropical glam: hat, bikini, skirt, sandals

Are you going away for Spring Break? First of all, damn you. Second of all, sorry for that...can you take me with you? Last year around this time it was 75 degrees. This year it's 18 degrees. Last year I didn't go on vacation. This year I blog about what I would wear IF I was going on vacation. Still not going anywhere. Next year will be my year. Unless of course you've reconsidered and have decided to bring me as your travel companion. It could be worse...

Travel Companions Worse Than Me...

Eddie from Just Go With It

Brynn from Bridesmaids

Alan from The Hangover

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